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In New York, a civil judgment is good for 10 years, renewable once for another 10 years. Good luck!

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Q: Is there a statute of limitations on civil judgments and if so how long is it in New York can you renew it?
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What is statute of limitations on parking tickets in Michigan?

Unsure as to any 'statute of limitations' connected with parking tickets, but it sure might affect your ability to renew the tags when the registration comes due.

What is the statute of limitations for a judgment in California?

There are not specific SOL's that apply to judgments in any US state. Judgments are granted for a specified amount of time usually from 5-20 years, with the majority of judgments being renewable. They become invalid if the judgment creditor fails to renew or the court denies the motion for renewal. Judgments are extremely damaging to a credit rating and continue to accumulate interest until they are paid or settled

If you have a civil money judgment against you in California is there statute of limitations?

Yes, a civil judgment is good for 10 years from the date of the judgement. Once that 10 years is up they can renew the judgment again for another 10 years... After that 10 years its a dead judgment.

Florida Statute of limitations on debt judgment in a divorce?

Is there a Statute of Limitations in the State of Florida on collecting of a judgement that was awarded in a divorce case? If so, what is the time frame? The holding in the Adams v. Adams case says that Florida judgments are good for 20 years, and that prior to expiry they may be sued upon to renew them. It has been cited in subsequent cases:,%202009/2D09-877.pdf

What is the statute of limitations on a moving violation ticket?

It will never run out. They have your drivers license on record and they'll just get you when you go to renew your license, and THEN apply any additional penalties to it.

What is the statute of limitations on a judgment in Missouri?

According to several websites I visited a civil judgment is 10 years in Missouri. However, they can file legal paper work to renew it before it expires so it can possibly be enforced until satisfied or overridden in the case of bankrupt able debt.

How do I renew a civil judgment in NC?

In North Carolina, judgments are valid for 10 years and they can be renewed for another period of 10 years. The creditor must file a new action and have the debtor served.

What is the statute of limitations on failure to appear for a traffic citation in Texas?

Not sure there is a limitation. It's simply an outstanding ticket. note: where I live they will issue a warrant for your arrest and refuse to renew your license until you take care of the ticket.

What is the statute of limitations for debt collection in Ohio?

Normally 6 years, but is 15 years on a written contractOhio Collection Laws Interest RateLegal: 10%Judgment: 10%Ohio Collection Laws Statute Of Limitations (Years)Open account: 4Sales Contract (UCC2-725)Written Contract: 15Domestic Judgment: 21 renew every 5Foreign Judgment: 21 renew every 5Ohio Collection Laws Bad Check Laws (NSF) (Civil Penalty)The greater of $200 or three times the amount of check and attorney fees (no maximum)Ohio Collection Laws General Garnishment ExemptionsSee federal law - garnishment limited to once a month per employee

How long can Indiana hold my drivers license do to a judgment?

Judgments in Indiana are good for 20 years and they have to renew it every 5 years. Have you considered bankruptcy?

What is the statute of limitations on paying a traffic fine in Iowa?

I have no idea, but when I went to renew my driver's license a couple of years ago in Ohio, a "warrant" from Iowa showed up and I had not lived there in over 25 years! It was an old speeding ticket! I had to pay it before they would release my license for renewal!

Can I renew my car if its up for repo?

yes you can dmv es not get involved in a civil matter Actually all they want is your cash

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