What are the steps to connect a DC generator on a 62 Buick lesaber?

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You would have to directly hook up the generator to your battery terminals.
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Where is the starter located on the 1997 Buick lesaber?

Answer . There isn't any starter on a 1997 Roadmaster, because there is no 1997 Roadmaster.\n. \nFor years that were produced, the starter is located on be lower part of the engine, much as it is for any other automobile. Follow the positive battery cable.

Why does your 1993 Buick LeSaber Limited trunk lid open at random?

Check for obstructions in trunk lid latch, or lose hardware. If not that, check for objects pressing on release button in glove box or possible lose wire contacts on button. If not that, then you may be pressing on remote release button in your pocket while driving car. Leave remote at home and see ( Full Answer )

In a four loop DC generator how are the loop ends connected to commutator segments?

The Asker of this question either knows the answer already and wants to test fellow engineers to describe the system in plain words, or this is another student's homework or exam question! The method used to fit all the wires neatly into the cramped amount of space available is a clever combinati ( Full Answer )

What is DC generator?

because DC generator generates generally generate DC power but as it has slip rings which convert it into ac output power

Squealing under the hood on a 95 buick lesaber?

squeeling usually means you need a new serpintime belt or one of the belt pulleys has a bad bearing. check the belt tensioner first. you will need to remove belt from this pulley to check it

How do you bypass your odb on a 1996 Buick lesaber?

A 1996 buick like all GM cars is equipt with obd II, as apposed to earlier cars with obdI. ObdII is a leaning computer that actually make adjustment to it self, and the operating prosedures of the car based on your driving habits. I am un aware of any way to bypass it short of doing a lot of rewirin ( Full Answer )

What is a DC generator?

A DC generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into direct current electrical energy. A longer answer A DC generator is an electrical machine which produces direct current electricity. It must be turned by a prime mover which can be an internal combustion engine - driven, usually, ( Full Answer )

What causes a brake light to come on 1992 buick lesaber?

Brake fluid could be low. Check for leaky brake lines under the car also. Quite often older cars have rusty brake lines that leak fluid sometimes just a little bit but these should be repaired as they can blow apart when you hit the brakes hard and cause an accident.. Check your emergency brake and ( Full Answer )

What is the function of brush in a dc generator?

It has two main functions in a generator - firstly, it transfers the electrical energy from the (moving) armature coils to the (stationary) external electrical load circuit. The brushes are made of graphite, with a tiny trace of copper in it, so they're self-lubricating where they ruib on the copper ( Full Answer )

How can you convert a DC generator into an ac generator?

Converting D/C into A/C is very expensive. You can use inverters to switch the direction of the current but you would probably be better off to replace your DC generator with an AC generator and if you need both AC and DC power then use a rectifier (inexpensive when compared to inverters) to convert ( Full Answer )

Where is the fule filter on a 1990 buick lesaber?

\nThere are three possible locations for the fuel filter due to variations in production. Under hood, passenger side, rear engine area, below firewall, mounted in fuel line or under vehicle, passenger side, below seating area, mounted on frame in fuel line or under vehicle, driver side, below rear s ( Full Answer )

How can you generate a DC?

U sohuld replace the slip-ring which it is in the AC generator to a commutator. It is a split-ring. Then u can produce DC generator.

Who built the first DC Generator generator?

if i remember correctlly it was Benjiman Franklin, or he was the one who discovered AC.. it's some one at that sentury..that is all i know... lol..

How does a DC generator differ from a AC generator?

A DC generator is Direct Current most common in industrial environments. Limited to DC equipment such as motors, cranes, certain types of lighting etc. A AC generator is Alternating Current can be used in virtually every environment. These are used for virtually everything from residential dwellings ( Full Answer )

How to step down DC voltage?

You can make a voltage divider set of resistors and tap off the desired voltage. Some voltage regulators can be fed much higher voltages. The regulator will provide a constant settable voltage with short circuit and overload protection. There are DC to DC converters. They first turn the DC into AC t ( Full Answer )

How much was a 1997 buick lesaber worth in 2005?

You know these type questions baffle me. Why would you care or want to know what this car was worth 4 years ago? Of what benefit is that information to you? Just curious.

What is an DC generator?

A Direct Current (DC) generator is a device which will convert mechanical energy into electrical energy using the principle of Faradays law's of Electro Magnetic Induction (EMI).

What is the Different ac generator from dc generator?

What we usually call an AC generator is really an alternator, and what we usually call a d.c. generator is really a dynamo. In an alternator, the rotating part is the field coil, which is supplied with DC current to produce a rotating magnetic field. When the field rotates through the stator windin ( Full Answer )

Why is it that when you have a dc generator connected in series does your voltage drop as you add loads to it?

A generator supplies a fixed amount of power "(IxV)" . If it has the ability of supplying 10 amps at 12 volts: 10amps x 12volts=120 watts, as you increase the "load" your voltage has to decrease to give you your rated 120 watts. 12amps x 10 volts=120 watts if you have motor pulling a load the more ( Full Answer )

How can convert DC generator to ac generator?

\nyou can simply convert dc to ac by rectification method. This is done by assembling electronics components; such as; diodes(4), transistor n resistors.

How DC generator generates voltage?

By using a gas engine to drive a dc motor. Motors are cool in the way that if you give them power they will spin and if you spin them they will make power. There is a ball of coiled wire in a motor and when it spins the magnets in it try to resist the spinning but if it succeeds in spinning then ele ( Full Answer )

How the DC offsets are generated in the system?

For fault conditions, the DC offset is caused by where the fault occurs on the voltage waveform. When the fault initially occurs, the voltage can be looked at as an AC waveform superimposed onto an impulse response (A DC wave). The magnitude of the impulse is equivalent to the voltage when the fault ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between cumulative and differential connections of dc compound motor or generator?

CUMULATIVE COMPOUND MOTOR It is one in which series field is so connected that it assists the field due to shunt winding.The armature torque is increased under heavy load at starting.As the load increases,the speed decreases in the same way as in series motor.When the load is increased suddenly the ( Full Answer )

What is a DC generator the same as?

A DC generator, or "dynamo", is very similar to a DC electric motor but cannot be described as "exactly the same as a motor" because a DC generator's designed purpose is not to "use" electricity (which a DC motor does) but to "make", or "produce", electricity.

How DC motor converted into DC generator?

Both dc generator & dc motor are the same and known dc machine.when we give an electrical supply to the dc machine a torque developed due to flux intraction & works as motor. but we used dc machine as a generator we rotate the rotor or prime mover by using external sourse.due to this the rotor condu ( Full Answer )

Why alternator is preferred to dc generator?

An alternator can charge the battery with the engine idling. Unlike a generator that only charges when the engine is running at higher rpms. The alternator also can support higher amperages that is needed in modern cars with lots of electronics. The alternator is also more reliable than a generator ( Full Answer )

What is windage losses in dc generator?

'Windage' is air resistance. So, 'windage losses' are losses sustained by the rotor in order to overcome air resistance. 'Windage' is pronounced 'wind- (as in air movement) age'.

How do you improve commutation in DC generator?

A series rheostat in series with the equalizer....since dc generators produce only ac voltage then a rheostat can be used since it is a tool of ac voltage...

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How do you convert a ac generator to dc generator?

The method used in cars is to have a 3-phase generator oralternator which is turned by the engine. Six diodes in a full-waverectifier connect the alternator directly to the car's battery.

How can an ac generator be converted to DC generator?

At the output install a full wave bridge and filter the output to get a desired amount of ripple. Then add circuitry to create the desired DC voltage. Or just buy a AC to DC converter or variable DC power supply that has an AC power input.

Why not generate in DC in generator?

The fact a generator is A/C is a function of how the generator works. Think of voltage as water pressure. A generator works by sweeping a magnet around the inside of a coil of wiring. This means that the electrons are being moved first one direction, then the other. the result is A/C power. D/C ( Full Answer )

How can you convert ac generator in to dc generator?

The two are different machines, but you can connect diodes on theoutput of an ac generator to produce dc, that's what happens inalternators for cars. A car alternator is a 3-phase ac generator, and you have sixdiodes. From each of the three phase outlets you have one diode tothe positive rail and o ( Full Answer )