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Any office of the California Department of Insurance can explain licensing requirements. They have an office in every county, look in the phone book under State of California.

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Q: What are the steps to getting licensed as a car insurance agent and what are the requirements in California?
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Where can I find out more about requirements for gastric bypass?

you can find requirements for a gastric bypass from your doctor, and if you have insurance after getting a recommendation from your doctor contact your insurance to find the requirements.

Where can I find information about obtaining an insurance license online?

There are many websites on the internet that give information about getting an insurance license online. Depending on what state you live in there are different requirements for becoming and adjustor or licensed agent. A website such as can be a very informative tool to get started.

How can you get an insurance agents license?

The requirements for getting licensed to become an insurance agent vary from state to state. You will definitely want to contact the Department of Insurance in your state if you are interested in proceeding. Usually there will be some kind of pre-licensing education requirement, followed by a state-administered examination, and then you just have to pay a fee and you are good to go.

Where is the headquarters of AIS auto insurance located?

The headquarters of AIS auto insurance are located in Pasadena, California. They specialize in getting low auto insurance rates in the state of California.

Is the age to get a California drivers license changing?

Although several requirements for getting a California driver's license have changed, the age requirements have not changed since 1997.

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What are the requirements for an 18 year old to get their GED in California?

The requirements for getting your GED in California can be found at the following web Good luck with your future endeavors.

How do you get an insurance adjuster license in Texas?

There are lots of online provider who offer Texas Insurance Adjuster Licensing Exam. After completing the necessary requirements, you need to complete 40 hours of General courses regarding specific areas such as Life, Health, Property and Casualty Insurance. Other mandatory courses are also included in the package. After getting licensed, you are now required to take a Texas Insurance Continuing Education for the renewal of your license.

How do you get a license to be an electrician?

Becoming a licensed electrician depends on the current state requirements existing in your locality or country. What you can do is to check these requirements from your state department of labor and employment to see what are the prerequisites in getting an electricians' license.

What happens when a licensed driver gets into an accident and does not have insurance?

They can be sued by the other driver for damamges (if at fault). If not at fault, they may have a very difficult time getting insurance in the future and when they do, the premiums will be through the roof.

What are the requirements for getting a Vehicle Dealer License in California?

The requirements for getting a Vehicle Dealer License in California can be found on the DMV website. Some of the linked documents can be found on the website for information. Some of the examples of what is required are the vehicle dealer handbook and the original dealer license forms.

What is insurance education?

If you want to pursue your career in selling insurance products or adjusting insurance claims, then you will need to take necessary exams to get licensed. Whether you are a graduate of a bachelor's degree that isn't related to insurance, you can still be an insurance agent or adjuster. Before you get licensed, you might take a preparatory course also known as insurance pre-licensing exam that will help you get ready for the actual licensing exam. But in some providers, they offer this preparatory course inside a licensing course package. Once you get prepared, you can now take an insurance licensing exam. After getting licensed then you are now required to take an insurance CE(Continuing Education) to retain your license and get updated with current trends and knowledge in insurance industry.

What kind of car insurance will I get for a teen driver in California?

Car insurance coverage's for teens varies from state to state and for getting the information about the teen insurance coverage's insurance in California you can call Geico customer care and talk with the executive and then for the rates you can negotiate with 2 to 3 providers and then pick the best one

How can you get the insurance agent license?

You can get an insurance license after successfully passing the state insurance exam but getting an insurance license involves other steps too which differ for every state. In order to find out the pre-licensing requirements for your state, contact your Department of Insurance and they will be able to assist you.

Can i be a licensed agent with a misdemeanor DUI?

I have a DUI in Florida, two years ago nothing else. does that disqualify me from getting a life health insurance license? thank you

How does one become bonded and insured as a babysitter?

The first important step is to get licensed. You must meet all the requirements for getting bonded. Then find a bond producer in order to get bonded.

How to obtain an insurance agent license in California?

HOW TO OBTAIN AN AUTO INSURANCE IN CALIFORNIAcheck this link: us when you are ready to move forward. I can help you with your licensing and hook you up with top contracts. 4lifeguildIn order to become an insurance agent in California, you will need to take the state specific insurance pre-licensing course, as each state has its own set of requirements according which the courses are prepared. After studying the coursework and getting enough practice to make sure that you have a good grasp on the subject, you will be required to take the state exam.You can choose between Auto, Life, Personal lines, and Fire/Caualty line of insurance. Study the coursework prepared specially for any one or more of these lines of insurance that you want to persue in order to complete the required credit hours of study. The state of California allows you to complete your credit hour requirement courses by attending an insurance school for classroom courses or you can conveniently take all the insurance license credit hour courses online. Copy and paste the following link into a new browser for more information about the courses and pricing: will get all the practice and study materail required, and the practice exams online. Once you have completed the necessary course material, you may register online for your state exam in California as well through the state insurance department. Go to: you pass the exam, you will become a licensed insurance agent in California.

What are the benefits of getting group health insurance in California?

Group health insurance has higher benefits, it has a higher chance of the having the coverage approved. It also tends to have much smaller deductibles.

Where can I get information on becoming a Contractor and getting a License?

Your state government will have a contractor license bureau. In order to become a licensed contractor you have to meet the state board's requirements. For specifics you'd have find their website.

Can you be a vet tech in Ohio with out getting a degree?

No, veterinary technicians must be licensed to practice in the state of Ohio and one of the requirements for licensure is a degree in veterinary technology from an AVMA accredited veterinary technology program.

How do you get your insurance company to pay for a roof damaged by a hail storm?

Generally you would just file a claim with your insurance company. If you have windstorm coverage and your roof met the requirements for coverage on your policy you should have no problem getting the company to pay for repairs.

What are the plans available for California individual health insurance?

Getting health insurance in California or any other state requires selecting the proper plan. Different companies offer different plans. As an example, Blue Shield's insurance plans include a standard plan, a cheaper plan that costs more, and more expensive plans with better coverage.

Can Home bancruptcy affect getting my insurance license?

Can a home bankruptcy affect getting my insurance license?

Is getting insurance for a classic car any different than getting insurance for a new car?

Getting insurance for a classic car is very similar to getting insurance for a new car. The only difference is that it is more expensive to insure a classic car than a new car.