What are the steps to putting on braces?

You need to pick an orthodontist and go for a consultation visit. These are usually free and they will go over everything they plan to do, how long the braces will need to be worn and how much it will cost. And any payment plans if necessary.

The basic steps for braces are impressions, spacers, and one or more sets of wired brackets.

The first visit involves impressions of the teeth, x-rays and putting in the spacers if needed. Spacers are little rubber band like things that go between the back teeth so the metal bands for the braces will fit. Those are worn for about two weeks. On the following visits, the braces are put on. Sometimes depending on the teeth, the top or bottom will be put on and then at another visit, the other set will be put on. Then about every six weeks you go in for an adjustment. They remove the colored bands and the wire and replace it with a different wire. And give new colored bands. The teeth are usually very sore for a few days after each adjustment. The first one is usually the worst. And the brackets can rub on and hurt the gums and tongue. They will give you wax to put over any brackets that cause sore spots. This is very helpful. Most of the detailed questions you might have are better answered by the orthodontist that will be doing the braces.


When you go to the orthodontist to get your braces put on, they will first take your spacers out, which are rubber pieces wedged between your teeth so the metal bands will fit. Then, the orthodontist puts a plastic lip separator in your mouth, which keeps your lips from going on your teeth. Carefully, the orthodontist glues the brackets on each tooth, then dries the glue with a plasma light. Try not to taste the glue, because it will taste terrible. Then the archwire is threaded through each bracket, and tightened so it fits snugly. After this, you are done. the orthodontist will put 0-rings on your brackets which are available in a variety of colors. Your mouth will probably be a bit sore after, so don't eat for a while. The pain will go away in about 2 days.


First they make a mold of your teeth, then they put in rubber "O" rings or spacers to make space in between teeth. At a later visit, they will take spacers out, and add the actual braces. They sand down a spot on each tooth and glue the braces on. Then they put the brackets on, and slip wires around your molars. Finally, rubber bands connect the front teeth to the back. None of this is painful, but it can be uncomfortable as the teeth are under tension.