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The fuel filter will be on the passenger side, Under the car just in the middle of the rear door. When you buy your new filter you will notice that it came with 2 white plastic clips. Keep those and DO NOT lose them. And make sure they gave them to you if there not in the box

First open fuel door and uncap. This will help a little with fuel pressure. If you can wait as long as possible after driving to do this.

Using a nut driver or a screw driver open the clamp holding the filter. Then remove both lines by prying off those white clips. Broke 'em huh. That's ok.

Pull off both lines. The forward or Downstream will be easier than the rear or Upstream line.

Notice the FLOW ARROW on the new one. It should point towards the engine.

Replace both lines and replace clips with new ones.

Reattach clamp.

don't think this is necessary because my 2000 crown vic is carbureted

Turn key to ON and not RUN. This will allow you to hear the fuel pump prime. A short 1-2 second whine. Now look for leaks with the key in ON position. Now start the car and re check for leaks with it idling.

2009-02-25 05:04:19
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How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 1996 Dodge Caravan SE?

Look underneath the passenger side of the van, inside the frame rail about halfway down the length of the sliding door. Pull the 2 plastic clips from each end of the filter, saving them for re-use. and remove the lines from the filter. loosen the camp holding the filter if there is one, and slide it out. reverse these steps to install the new filter.

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Easy: Release tension of the alternator belt by unbolting the top and bottom bolts of the alternator assy. Remove belt. Then release tension of the second serpentine belt by unbolting the tensioner pulley : you need to get under your car to find the bolt, it's located on the AC assy (backplate). Remove second belt, and replace with new one, then replace alternator belt. Rassembly (reverse steps), tighten bolts to recommended torque, and do not overtighten belts.

How do you replace air filter for 2007 Durango?

Remove air hose on top of the black air filter cover.Unsnap the three metal clasps holding air filter lid in place.Unscrew the two bolts holding the air filer to the frame (13 mm socket).There are two hinges in the lid of the air filter cover that slide into slots. The hinges / slots are on the side where the bolts to the frame are located.Once bolts are removed, the unit will dip... allowing the cover to come off.Remove air filter and replace with new one.Reverse steps above.

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Replace the fuel injectors or clean them and replace your fuel filter. You may have to replace your fuel filter a few times. If you can, take your gas tank out and wash it with water. Sugar will not turn to sluge or 'cement' in your gas tank, actually sugar doesn't even dissolve in gasoline. It will however block your fuel injectors and fuel filter. # idid that wash gastank and put a filter and injector it ran for a minute and got hot and now it wont crank at all it has lockup so what do i do to make it run

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Replacing fuel injectors is a complex process that includes various steps. Before you replace injectors you should have them tested. Steps to replace would be , releave fuel pressure, disconnect batery, and unplug the injectors and replace.

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Where is the fuel filter located and how do you replace it on a 1991 Nissan Maxima?

The fuel filter is mounted on the firewall next to the master brake cylinder. It is held in place with a spring clamp and can be pulled out by hand. Pliers will squeeze and move the fuel line clamps, the hoses can be gently pried away from the filter. LOOK AT MY BIO PAGE FOR DETAILED INFO ON R&R OF FUEL FILTER .THERE ARE STEPS THAT NEED TO BE TAKEN WHEN YOU DO THIS.THEY ARE IMPORTANT....BUDDY MACK

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