What are the steps to solving a problem with your computer?

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It depends on what the problem is. Please explain what type of problem you are facing if you want more specific and direct information. Below are the steps for resolving PC problems that are only annoying or have workarounds and which still allow some use of the affected computer and allow you to use the Internet:
1. The first step is to find out what the problem is and to figure out how to describe it. It helps to know the correct jargon for the area in which you are having trouble.

2. The next step is to type your problem into a search engine. You might have to keep rewording things until you get relevant results.

3. Scan the results and see what might be relevant.

4. Go to the pages that seem relevant and see what they say to do. If it sounds reasonable, then try doing it.

5. If you have trouble finding a good solution, then fine tune your search based on what you did learn so far from searching and keep trying.
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What problem was the computer invented to solve?

The Computer was invented to solve a number of problems really: - Counting: to solve mathematic problems - Navigation and astronomy - Weather prediction Answer The computer was created to perform mathematical computations automatically and was intended to be useful in a number of areas. It wasn't ( Full Answer )

What are the problems with computers and how do solve them?

Answer There are billions of problems that can happen with your computer. If something on your computer breaks call the maker of the computer: Dell, HP, Gateway, and so on: or reformat your hard drive. NOTE IF YOU DO THIS YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING AND WILL HAVE TO REINSTALL NOT ONLY WINDOWS BUT TH ( Full Answer )

What are the six steps to problem solving?

1. sit on chair and relax 2. watch t.v. all day 3. don't do anything 4. eat chips and ice cream all day 5. go to sleep 6. there are so many things you can do that I'm to lazy to say etc. XD

What steps are involved in problem solving?

Problem Solving! Tragically there are just too many moments in our lives when, facing a problem, we lack the courage to confront it and "go through it." I had a sign in my office that stated that "the only way out of a problem is through it." Sadly we often deny that a problem even exists. "Man is ( Full Answer )

What are the steps in solving a problem?

As its posted in the computer catalogue, I will tell you what I do when solving a computer problem: 1. Analyze the error to see if its a virus, hardware or software problem. 2. After finding what is the problem, I will proper what software (or softwares) I'm going to use. 3. Fixing the problem - I h ( Full Answer )

What are the problem solving steps?

START: Define the problem (I am not asking you here. I mean: DEFINE exactly what the problem is. Write it down or think it through WHAT the problem consists of, in as much detail as possible)

Six steps to solving a problem?

1. interview the user and back up data 2. Estabish a theory 3. test your theory 4. plan the six and resolve the problem 5. Verify and prevent 6. Document the solve problem

What are the engineering steps for solving a problem?

1. Draw a free-body diagram if applicable. 2. Identify what variables are known and what variables are sought. 3. Identify equations that relate the variables. 4. Do computations. 5. Do a reasonableness check: is the answer reasonable? If not, try solving the problem a different way to see i ( Full Answer )

7 steps to problem solving?

Problem solving is important in everyday life. Steps to problemsolving are; Identify the issue, understand all interests, listoptions, evaluate options, select option(s), document agreement(s),and agree on contingencies.

What are the steps to solving an Optimization problem in calculus?

Optimization problems that involve finding the maxima or minima of functions also involve taking the first derivative of the function and finding locations where the value of the first derivative is equal to zero (by setting f'(x) = 0). The locations are either maxima, minima, or points of inflectio ( Full Answer )

A single set of steps for solving a problem?

1, Discover Problem 2, Evaluate the situation - weighing up the causes and future concequences 3, Write a paragraph detailing the situation as best you can 4, go to http://wiki.answers.com/ 5, enter as question 6, Wait for answer

What is the step by step method scientists use in solving a problem?

This is called the Scientific method . It includes these steps : . Use your experience: Consider the problem and try to make sense of it. Look for previous explanations. If this is a new problem to you, then move to step 2.. Form a conjecture: When nothing else is yet known, try to state an expla ( Full Answer )

What are the steps in solving word problems?

Here's how I do it: 1. Read through the entire question and identify exactly what you are being asked to do. 2. Decide what formula is needed to solve the problem, then write it down. 3. Go back through the problem and pull out the data needed for the formula (quite often there is a lot of data tha ( Full Answer )

What are the scientific steps in solving a problem?

There are five main scientific steps in solving a problem. They are observing, forming hypotheses, testing hypotheses, analyzing data, and evaluating results. During the observing process, scientists make observations and examine prior research. While forming a hypothesis or hypotheses (plural form) ( Full Answer )

How do i solve Computer hang problem?

By pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete, the most famous key combination and choosing Log Off from the menu that appears. This only works with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. For Windows XP, pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete will bring up the Task Manager. If that's your case, go to the Shut Down menu in the Task Manager. ( Full Answer )

How do you solve computer hanging problem?

Frequent freezing or navigation failures may be a warning sign thatyour computer is running low on memory or space on the hard drive. There are various computer programs that can help solve yourcomputer hanging problem, or you can take it to a qualifiedcomputer technician. You can try reducing the ( Full Answer )

Why computer are useful for solving problems?

Computers are useful as you can use it to communicate to each other remotely, like for example if your family is to far away from you you can talk to them and send a message or us msn to communicate and if we don't have computer we cant do our homework that easy or you could just read a book to find ( Full Answer )

Steps in problem solving in data structures?

Here's what I do: . Look at the data structure. What "shape" is it? A tree? An assembly line? A bucket? A stack of index cards? How can you think of it? . Represent it in the physical world with one of these metaphors. I know this sounds silly, but getting it out of the virtual world and into the ( Full Answer )

Problem solved by computer?

Computers can solve several problems, such as cracking codes, performing bigand complex calculations and simulate weather.

How does a computer solve problems?

A computer can solve problems because it is one of the high-techmachines we use today, and if there are problems, the computer caneasily be a good source of help. Like, if your computer is updated,it can give health tips, or money problems can be solved in variousways in a computer.

What are the steps involved in problem solving using computer program?

There are seven main steps to follow when trying to solve aproblem. These steps are as follows: . Define and Identify the Problem . Analyze the Problem . Identifying Possible Solutions . Selecting the Best Solutions . Evaluating Solutions . Develop an Action Plan . Implement the Soluti ( Full Answer )

Do you have to take steps to solve the problem?

Sorry, but what problem are you exactly talking about. If you are talking about a random math problem than it really depends. Math word problems, if they are hard, then yes, definitely take steps. Good Luck :)

What are the steps that scientists follow to solve problems?

Okay, let's say you want to find out whether slugs travel faster on sandpaper or on grass (we all know the answer, but it's just an example). Here's what you do: 1. Observe Observe the slugs in their natural environment and see how different surfaces affect their movement. 2. Hypothesize Make an ( Full Answer )

What are the steps in solving a word problem?

the Value of an uncirculated "Mint State-65" 1950 Jefferson nickel minted in denver is 5/3 the value a 1945 nickel minted in Philadelphia is similar conditions. Toether the total value of the two coins is $64. What is the value of each coin?

What are the 4 Steps to Problem Solving?

The Steps are: Understand the Problem . reread and restate the problem . identify the information given and the information that needs to be determined Make a Plan . relate the problem to similar problems solved in the past . consider possible strategies . select a strategy or a combination o ( Full Answer )

How does computer solve engineering problem?

In general, computers do not solve engineering problems. Engineers solve engineering problems by using computers to perform complex calculations. In particular, engineers construct detailed mathematical models of their designs or proposed solutions to a problem and then use computers to perform anal ( Full Answer )

What steps are used to solve calorimetry problems?

Calorimetry measures the heat of chemical reactions and physicalchanges. The steps involved in solving calorimetry problems are asfollows: The heat of the reaction is less than the amount of heatmeasured by the calometer. The heat gained by the calometer is thecapacity of the calorimeter and tempera ( Full Answer )

What are the 7 steps in problem solving?

1) Finding the right problem to solve - Too often our approach to problem solving is reactive; we wait for the problems to arise. Firstly in our seven step problem solving process, we advocate taking a proactive approach, go and find problems to solve; important and valuable problems. The real start ( Full Answer )

How can computer solve a problem in a second?

Computers are programmed with all the answers before they are sold so that when you ask the question, the computer can give you it's programmed answer "in a second".

What steps do you take for solving a technical problem?

Type you Everyone has potential as a problem solver . All people are creative and each has something to contribute . Everyone on the team must approach the problem with a positive attitude, and with tolerance for others ideas . Avoid developing patterns that block the problem solving proce ( Full Answer )

Can computers solve human problems how can they do it and why?

No, on their own computers can not solve the problems of humanity, only humans can do that. However, computers are powerful tools that can be used to model various aspect of the real world. If human have managed to to get these model correct then computers are now fast enough to calculate what these ( Full Answer )

What steps are involved in algebra problem solving?

Just remember this phrase, please excuse my dear aunt sally, it will always be in this order, take the first letter of each word, the p in please stands for parentheses, the e in excuse stands for exponents, the m in my stands for multiplication, the d in dear stands for divide, the a in aunt stands ( Full Answer )

What is Problem Solving in computers?

With computers there are always going to be problems that need solving, if something stops working, you have to find out what the possible situation is, test the situation and then record what happens, with more experience it becomes faster because you have done this before and it will save alot of ( Full Answer )

What is the first step to solving problems in math?

First, you use proper English and say maths, then you have to find the problem eg if I'm finding the area of a square I would have to find out the equation to find the area. If you can find how the method of solving it the rest is easy!

How do you solve two step division problems?

Do you mean a question like 20/5/2? Without any parentheses, the rule would be to work from left to right, dividing 20 by 5 first: (20/5)/2 = 4/2 = 2. If there were parentheses telling us to do the second division first, the answer would be different: 20/(5/2) = 20/2.5 = 8.

What are the steps in a problem solving?

There are four steps in problem solving, these four steps are followed by teachers around the world. The four steps start with understanding the problem, then devise a plan. The third step is carrying out the plan and lastly going over the problem.

What are the six steps that you can use to solve any computer problem?

Six steps to use when troubleshooting a computer problem: 1. Identify the problem 2. Establish a theory of probable cause (and question the obvious) 3. Test the theory to determine the cause 4. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implementthe solution 5. Verify full system function ( Full Answer )

What are steps in practical problem solving?

Which of the following are steps in practical problem solving? . Assign an identifying variable to the quantity to be found.. Make a guess at the value of the variable.. Write a sentence stating conditions placed on the quantity.. Check if the value is correct.. Solve the sentence for the varia ( Full Answer )

What are three steps for solving numerical problems?

There are normally six steps for solving numerical problems and the order of operations is BIDMAS meaning Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction in that order.

What are the steps to solve a percent change problem?

To find the percentage change: . find the change as in new value - original value; this can be anegative amount which implies a reduction . divide the value found in step 1 by the original value; . multiply by 100 % percentage change = (new value - original value)/original value ×100 %