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I have met RVD in his comic book store and he was pretty cool.

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Q: What are the superstars like outside of the ring?
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Is the rock friends with John Cena?

If you have read like me, The Unauthorized History of DX you know that all Superstars and Diva's are friends outside of the ring because else they wouldn't even step into the ring together.

Which wwe superstars respect and are friends with wwe big show?

It's hard to determine what WWE superstars do outside of the ring. I am thinking everyone is respectful to one another off screen as it is all very much staged on the show.

How do superstars live?

like superstars!

What does WWE superstars do in the ring?

They will either wrestle or talk about something.

What was King Tutankhamun ring?

King of the ring was a tornament with Smackdown and Raw superstars to receive the title of that years king of the ring

Does the WWE superstars like Randy Orton?

Off camera his best friends are Cena and Morrison In character, no. Out of character and not in the ring, yes

What are Lumberjacks on WWE?

Lumberjacks are like enforcers they stand outside the ring (Normally surrounding it) and their jobs are to make sure the action stays inside the ring and that there is no outside interference.

Is WWE wrestlers is allowed to fight outside the ring?

Yes, fighting outside of the ring is completely legal. However, normal match types have a ten-count for wrestlers that are outside of the ring. If one wrestler is outside of the ring for ten seconds, the wrestler that is still in the ring wins.

What are the release dates for Outside the Ring - 2013?

Outside the Ring - 2013 was released on: USA: December 2013

What WRestler Do Orton like?

Outside the ring most of the wrestlers are friends. Cena and Orton are best freinds

How do you get a weapon under the ring on smackdown vs raw 2009 PS3?

You go to the middle of the outside ring and move like you were going to go in side it but press X

Where was the writing on the ring of power?

The writing went around the ring, on the outside, however it could only be seen after the ring had been put in fire, when it would glow orange. Otherwise it would just look like a plain gold ring.