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Rough projections on the surface of the tongue called PAPILLAE contain taste buds.

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These are folds of the cortex and are called gyrus.

You have elevations on the surface of the brain called as gyri and depressions called as sulci. They grossly increase the surface area of the brain.

The deltoid tuberosity is the rough elevation on the lateral surface of the shaft of the humerus. It's the site of deltoid attachment.

Yes. Wind can vary in both speed and direction at different elevations. This variation is called wind shear.

Sulci. The elevations are called Gyri. Each of sulci and gyri have their own names.

Many tundra species can be found at high elevations in the mountains of the northern hemisphere. This is called alpine tundra. There is also tundra that occurs at lower elevations in the Arctic and some parts of the Antarctic. This is called Arctic and Antarctic tundra. Tundra is the coldest biome with the soil being frozen and unable to support trees.

The surface that is close to your sternum is called as anterior surface. The surface that is close to your back is called as posterior surface. Posterior surface is also called as the base of the heart.

The surface of a gemstone is called the face.

Organisms that are not capable of photosynthesis are called heterotrophs. Heterotrophs eat or consume other organisms to be able to survive.

The flat surface that goes on and on in all directions has no boundaries. This flat surface is called infinite surface. Accordingly, the answer is that the flat surface that goes on and on in all directions is called an infinite surface.

Put simply, a contour is a line connecting points of equal elevations on the ground surface. The corresponding line on the map is called a contour line. Alternatively, contour lines shown on a map are the traces of intersection of equally spaced level surfaces with the ground projected orthogonally to the map surface on a reduced scale.

The surface.The surface.The surface.The surface.

The outer surface of the moon is called the crust.

The surface quality is called texture.

Convolutions on the cerebrum surface is called

It is simply called its surface area.

It is called magma. When magma reaches the surface, it is called lava.

Organisms capable of manufacturing organic molecules from inorganic materials called Heterotophs...B

a buried erosional surface is called unconformity.

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