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What are the symptoms of a child with a sexually abusive father?


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Hi, I hope I can help you. If a child is being sexually abused, obviously, the poor child will not speak up. If you are close to a child who you personally think is being sexually abused, you have to tell the child that they are not alone and that they can tell you anything. But please do NOT jump to conclusions and do NOT say anything unless you are very sure about it. A child who is being sexually abused may act jumpy or a bit frightened. They might like to spend time alone, a sign of depression. They might not to things which an ordinary child does, and they might act or sound weird. Please be sure about what you do and your actions, because remember, this is just advice. If you want to seek more professional advice, get help. Good Luck :) PS: Do NOT jump to conclusions


If the child is upset when left with the father or has a hard time readjusting to being back at home, it may be normal behavior to changes in environment. Urinary infections may be caused by inappropriate contact, but that is not the only cause. If the child acts out sexually beyond its age, visit your pediatrician for advice. If possible - without accusations - kept an eye out during visits, particularly if the child is reluctant. No one should have more physical contact than they are comfortable with, even if it is a hug, or sitting on a lap.


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