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What are the symptoms of aging?

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aging is when you stop growing new cells as fast as when you were young, and your current tissue starts to deteriorate.

AnswerThere are many symptoms of aging! Gray hair, slips in memory, balding, hearing loss, difficulty in reading small print-these are just a few signs of aging. The most significant and perhaps the earliest signs of aging are noticeable on the face. Fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet around the eyes, dull, sagging skin. Fortunately, modern science can help us alleviate signs of facial aging through carefully formulated anti-aging creams. Early signs of facial aging can occur due to exposure to sun and pollution. That's why a good DaySkin cream is essential-a clinically tested, physician-formulated product contains sun-protective ingredients and at the same time helps to build collagen, removing fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin dark spots associated with aging! You may be getting older but you certainly don't have to look like you are.


The symptoms of aging are obvious, gray & thinning hair, decreased muscles tone, increased body fat, joint degenerating, less energy, etc. These can be minimized with diet, exercise and supplements to increase DHEA and testosterone levels. DHEA levels decline as much as 95% over a lifetime, the largest know decline of a biological marker. Supplementing with DHEA and other testosterone boosting elements can decrease the symptoms of aging.

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What treatments are there for aging?

For the most part, doctors prescribe medications to control the symptoms and diseases of aging.

How does Chinese medicine treat aging?

In Chinese medicine, most symptoms of aging are regarded as signs of a yin deficiency.

What is the connective tissue theory of aging?

Changes in the makeup of the connective tissue alter the stability of body structures, causing a loss of elasticity and functioning, and leading to symptoms of aging.

What are the symptoms of a dwarf hamster aging?

-sleeping in the morning AND at night -hair loss -slow walking -less energy

What treatments exist for patients who are aging?

For the most part, doctors prescribe medications to control the symptoms and diseases of aging. In the United States, about two-thirds of people 65 and over take medications for various complaints.

What is estrogen replacement therapy?

Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) is commonly prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of aging in postmenopausal women.

What are the symptoms of the medical condition sarcopenia?

One of the main symptoms of sarcopenia, muscle loss with aging, is an inadequate intake of calories or protein. Another symptom is a decrease in your body's ability to synthesize protein.

What is the correct spelling of the word aging or aging?


What happens if you have arthritis of the spine?

Most adults over 40 have radiographic evidence of arthritis of the spine and have no symptoms. It appears to be a common condition of aging.

How does stress affect aging?

Memory loss is one of the many symptoms of aging. Research shows that chronic stress can actually cause memory loss. The stress hormone responsible for memory loss is Cortisol. As people age, memory loss occur and can be confused as symptoms of Alzheimer's. To prevent the onset of memory loss reduce your stress and remember to PLAY and SMILE.

Is aging an adjective?

"Aging" can either be an adjective (as in, "an aging person") or a gerund (as in, "The person was aging rapidly").

If Mild flattening of the cervical spinal cord with bony overgrowth at the uncovertebral joints exsists what symptoms will manifest?

These are common changes with aging, and most people with this finding have no symptoms. Talk to your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

Thickened ligamentum flavum is this a disability?

Thickened ligamentum flavum appears to be part of the process of aging. It's not a disability in and of itself. It can cause disability if it leads to symptoms.

What is successful aging?

Aging is usually considered as an unlucky or unsuccessful phenomenon, when there is a delay in aging it's called as a successful aging (i think)

How do british spell aging?

The same as you did

Post-modernism perspective of aging?

The book "Aging Identity: A Dialogue with Postmodernism" examines aging from a point of view that aging is not a decline, but a dynamic change. It looks at aging and the attitude towards the elderly in different cultures and the diversity of aging peoples. The book also looks at the challenges and opportunities that come with aging.

What are the most common symptoms of Werner Syndrome?

Werner Syndrome has common symptoms of premature aging. In particular, a stooped stature, grimaced face, small hands and feet, and osteoporosis. The skin shows many symptoms, including patchiness and a thin top layer. Gray or balding hair and tooth loss are also observed.

What is the phobia of aging?

Fear of aging is called gerontophobia.

When does aging begin?

Aging begins at birth. As soon as you are born, you are automatically aging until the day you leave the Earth.

What does photo aging mean?

Aging of skin due to the harmful effects of the sun is called photo aging or photoaging.

The normal aging process is best defined as?

Normal aging is best defined by chronological aging 65 to 74 - young old; 75 to 84 middle old; 85 above old old. Biological aging does not match uniformly with the above. Functional aging is different for every individual who is aging.

What is the non aging code for sims 2?

"Aging off" or (on)

What does aging cheese do?

aging cheese makes it very smelly

How to shedule aging report?

sample of accounts aging report

What food is anti aging?

Aging is natural process but you can prevent aging. Diet play very important role in prevent aging. There are various foods that prevent aging process such as tomato, berries, green tea, yoghurt, fist, nuts, avocado, pomegranate etc. To know more about anti aging foods