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Kids that are on self-motivated diets will usually lack energy, and overall health will be poor. Kids that are on medically supervised diets should be losing fat.

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Q: What are the symptoms of kids on diets?
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Are there any diets that minimize ADHD symptoms?

There are multiple websites that can help you find a diet to minimize ADHD symptoms. Some of these websites are:,, and All three sites offer great ideas for diets to minimize ADHD symptoms.

Can diets be harmful for kids?

a diet can be harmful to kids only if it a bad diet like losing weight when they dont need to. otherwise diets can be good as long as they eat healthy.

Where can I read about special diets for people with psoriasis?

Sometimes psoriasis is linked to being overweight. There are special diets that can be followed to help avoid the symptoms which includes avoiding foods high in fat.

Is there any symptoms of releasing sperm?

yes you lose kids

How can diets be dangerous?

Some dangerous diets can cut out entire categories of food or require a person to eat just one thing, such as cabbage soup-yuck! So pills, special drinks, all-liquid diets, and other gimmicks are poor choices, especially for kids.

What is a good diet for a person to follow if they have ADHD?

Several different diets can minimize the symptoms of ADHD. These include a gluten free diet and low sugar diet. You can learn more about diets for ADHD here:

What are some constipation solutions for kids?

Constipation solutions for kids include using a laxative and high fiber diets with a lot of fluids. You can get more information about this online at the WebMD website.

What is a good diet to reduce the symptoms of arthritis?

Overall, it seems that a lot of these suggested diets may reduce symptoms, but very few if any clinical studies have been attempted. Fish oil, chondroitin sulphate, ginger and SAM-e have shown to reduce some of the sympotoms. More information can be be found here:

What are the different therapeutic diets?

One of the different types of a therapeutic diet is the liquid diet. Also, soft diets, diabetic diets, low calorie diets, and low sodium diets are common therapeutic diets.

Does prison allow diets?

The prison I was in allowed diets. Like kosher diets, diets based on any allergies, etc.

What is routine hospital diet?

There are different types of routine hospital diets depending on why a person is hospitalized. There are low sodium diets, regular diets, soft diets and liquid diets.

What are therapeutic diets?

therapeutic diets are based on normal adequate diets, modified as necessary

What kind of diets can kill you?

Fad diets

What do Fad diets typically do?

fad diets typically do what

Is there a leagl age for diets?

No there is not a legal age for diets.

Diet Tips for Kids?

An estimated 17 percent of American kids are facing obesity, and even more are overweight. Dieting can help these kids live longer, healthier lives. Not all diets are safe or appropriate for kids, though. Since they are still growing, kids who need to shape up should focus on controlling their weight rather than on losing weight. They can do this by limiting prepackaged foods and snacks, artificially sweetened beverages, and increasing their overall levels of activity. Finally, kids need to increase their consumption of healthy calories by incorporating more fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains into their diets.

Can kids go on diets?

Yes, if they are overweight, need to lose weight, and the diet is a healthy one. However, things like weight loss tablets and starvation diets are a no-no. For information about how to do it properly, see the related question and answer further down this page, under Related Questions.

What do modern Australian kids like to eat?

Modern Australian kids can eat a variety of things! Some children may like some things and others may not. Also, diets eg. vegetarianism, would have to be considered.

Why is milk restricted in liquid diets?


What is liquid diets?

It is just like food diets, but with liquid.

Is a dehumidifier safe to use in a kids room?

Dehumidifiers are safe to use in kids room. Dehumidifiers can help reduce alleviate allegy symptoms for kids and other family members by removing mold and excess moisture.

Where can I find advice on special diet? has information on TONS of diets. It tells you what the best diets currently are, gives you reviews of diets and even has a section for special diets.

What diet can one go on when you taking thyroid medication?

While there isn't solid research that suggests certain diets will improve overall thyroid function, there are some diets that can help reduce certain symptoms associated with thyroid conditions. Keep in mind that it's important to talk to a doctor regarding lifestyle changes, including diet, when taking thyroid medication. For more, please read this related article: Diets for Thyroid Patients.

What weight loss diets have been debunked in the last decade?

Mostly fad diets such as the Sacred Heart diet and the cabbage soup diets have been debunked. These are extreme diets that are in no way healthy or maintainable. The detox diets have also been know to not last.

Do diets actually help you lose weight?

If one follows a diet plan it can work. The issue with diets is that not all body compositions comply with diets. It's a trial and error process with diets.