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There are multiple websites that can help you find a diet to minimize ADHD symptoms. Some of these websites are:,, and All three sites offer great ideas for diets to minimize ADHD symptoms.

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Q: Are there any diets that minimize ADHD symptoms?
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are any diets special for adhd patients? offers some advice for diets for ADHD patients. also offers some great help when it comes to a diet for ADHD patients. It is also advised to check with your doctor about some diet ideas for those dealing with ADHD.

Do all children have ADHD?

No. ADHD is a diagnosis that is made with a list of symptoms; these symptoms include restlessness, lack of focus, and fidgeting. These symptoms can be found in almost any child just being a 'kid'. The combination of symptoms and severity make the diagnosis of ADHD.

Are there any symptoms of adhd in my infant that I should look for?

The symptoms of ADHD typically appear before the age of seven, but it is unlikely to present itself in an infant. One should rather wait longer to see if the child has ADHD.

Can chocolate help treat ADHD?

There is no evidence supporting that chocolate in any form can help with ADHD symptoms. See related links.

Do you know any ADHD diet books, newer than the Feingold diet?

Most of the latest research shows that a good diet for ADHD is similar to diets that help autistic patients. Lowering the amount of gluten and casein in ones diet is a great way to alleviate many symptoms associated with ADHD. Check out "The Autism and ADHD Diet: A Step-By-Step Guide to Hope and Healing" by Barrie Silberberg.

Can you prevent ADHD?

No you cannot. You can do things to lessen or help someones ADHD symptoms, but there is nothing you can do to fully prevent someone from getting ADHD. You are born with it, and it can also be hereditary. It is not contagious in any way.

Is it possible to develop ADHD later in life?

No; ADHD is a disorder that begins in early childhood due to underdevelopment in certain regions on the brain. If a person shows symptoms of ADHD later in life without any symptoms in the past, it could be another mental disorder such as an anxiety disorder, depression, or other mental health issue.

What foods should an adhd suffered eat, and avoid?

I need more information to answer this question. I am an ADHD sufferer myself, and I know a great deal about the topic. I am on Adderall for it, and i have known for some time that citrus has a negative impact on the efficacy of my medication. If you are not currently taking any medicine for your ADHD symptoms, there are some foods that should be avoided. Dairy products, many processed foods, and fish are believed to contribute to ADHD symptoms.

Can a 17 month old boy have symptoms of adhd?

We can have that at any age. The symptoms are many. You can not diagnose a child that young. it could be many different thing since so many things are going on at this age.

Why would poorly planned vegan diets be inappropriate for children?

Poorly planned diets of any kind are not good for children. Inform yourself so the children get enough protein, fruits and vegetables, essential fatty acids, whole foods, and minimize junk food.

Can ADHD be misdiagnosed?

Yes. Because the symptoms of ADHD, i.e. tendency to be easily distracted, impulsiveness, hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, etc., can stem from other sources, some people are misdiagnosed with ADHD. It is not uncommon for parents to try to blame bad behavior (or bad parenting) on supposed ADHD. Some symptoms of ADHD are also simliar to Tourette's Syndrome, e.g. apparently impulsive, inappropriate behavior. It is also common for kids with ADHD to be just labeled as rowdy, rude, stupid, or "bad". Taken together, these two situations suggest that ADHD is both overdiagnosed and underdiagnosed (a lot of kids are being treated for it that don't have it and a lot of kids who have it are not getting any help for it).

Can a teenager be diagnosed with ADHD?

Absolutely. Anyone can be diagnosed with ADHD at any age. The essential thing, though, is that the symptoms had been there since you were seven years old or younger. Many people live with ADHD for years, even into adulthood, only to figure out on their own that the problems they were experiencing were due to something that was actually treatable.

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