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The two seasons that the Philippines experience are hot and wet.

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Q: What are the the 2 seasons of the Philippines?
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Related questions

WHY do Philippines have only 3 seasons?

Philippines only have 2 seasons: wet and dry. Because Philippines is near at the equator.

Why do the Philippines have only 2 distinct seasons?

because the philippines is near on the equator.

What are the 2 kind of climate in the Philippines?

hot(sunny) rainy SEASONS (:

What are the differences of Philippines and Japan in their season?

the season in japan has three seasons but in the philippines has four seasons... answered by: meryll lynch malabanan

What are the 4 types of climate in philiphines?

there are only 2 in the Philippines. the Philippines experiences wet (rainy) and dry (summer) seasons.

What are the seasons in the Philippines?

seasons? well Philippines have a dry and wet season,It is also known as TROPICAL season.

Why is there 4 seasons in other countries and the Philippines is only 2 seasons?

Because Philippines is near the equator and it is a tropical country unlike other countries that experience 4 seasons it is because these countries are located far and below the equator.

Seasons in the Philippines?

Philippines has 2 seasons, the wet and the dry season. Warm months starts from March until October then comes cool weather with the winter monsoon from November until February.

Why does the Philippines only have 2 seasons?

The Philippines and other tropical countries near the equator experiences only two seasons - wet and dry. Countries located far above or far below the equator, such as the United States and England, experience four seasons.

What do people in the Philippines do to their livelihood in relation to the two seasons of the Philippines?

Well, they go on with their livelihood despite the presence of the two seasons in the country.

What are the four seasons in the Philippines?

the four seasons in the are the summer,winter,falls ,and the spring.

Why doesn't the Philippines experience four seasons?

The Philippines is in the tropics wheere ther are only two seasons, wet and dry, rather than the four seasons of the temporate zones.

What are the seasons of the Philippines?

wet and dry season

What are the two seasons in the Philippines?

wet and dry

Why are four seasons not occurring in the Philippines?

because the Philippines is located near the equator

What causes the seasons of the Philippines?

Season change is caused by the tilt of the Earth as it orbits the sun. The Philippines is closer to the equator so the tilt of the Earth and seasons do not change much. The Philippines has two seasons, which are the wet and dry season, because it is a tropical country.

What are the two kinds of seasons in the Philippines?

summer and winter

Why Philippines and japan are different seasons?

because they are different location

What causes the change of seasons in the Philippines?

because of the potition of earth

Describe the two seasons of the Philippines?

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What are the 4 seasons in the Philippines?

spring, summer, fall, winter

What is the reason why other country like abroad have 4 season while Philippines have only 2 season?

The Philippines is located near the equator and it is a tropical country, that's why it only have 2 seasons: summer and rainy season.

Why do you think the Philippines has no four seasons?

it has only 2 seasons: dry and rainy because it has a tropical climate, the weather patterns and prevailing temperature usually do not go below 65 degrees Fahrenheit

Would it be good if the Philippines would experience the four seasons?


List of the beneficial effects of wet and dry seasons in the Philippines?

duwa dota

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