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The two seasons that the Philippines experience are hot and wet.


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Philippines only have 2 seasons: wet and dry. Because Philippines is near at the equator.

because the philippines is near on the equator.

No. the Philippines has only two seasons, the wet and the dry. Japan has four seasons

Because Philippines is near the equator and it is a tropical country unlike other countries that experience 4 seasons it is because these countries are located far and below the equator.

there are only 2 in the Philippines. the Philippines experiences wet (rainy) and dry (summer) seasons.

seasons? well Philippines have a dry and wet season,It is also known as TROPICAL season.

Philippines has 2 seasons, the wet and the dry season. Warm months starts from March until October then comes cool weather with the winter monsoon from November until February.

The Philippines and other tropical countries near the equator experiences only two seasons - wet and dry. Countries located far above or far below the equator, such as the United States and England, experience four seasons.

Well, they go on with their livelihood despite the presence of the two seasons in the country.

The Philippines is in the tropics wheere ther are only two seasons, wet and dry, rather than the four seasons of the temporate zones.

the four seasons in the are the summer,winter,falls ,and the spring.

because the Philippines is located near the equator

Season change is caused by the tilt of the Earth as it orbits the sun. The Philippines is closer to the equator so the tilt of the Earth and seasons do not change much. The Philippines has two seasons, which are the wet and dry season, because it is a tropical country.

our country is located near the equator for that reason we only have 2 seasonsKung mali kwento mo na lang sa turtle

The Philippines is located near the equator and it is a tropical country, that's why it only have 2 seasons: summer and rainy season.

Countries lying near equator, having two seasons only, that is, wet and dry seasons. These countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Uganda, Congo, Somalia, Ecuador etc

because they are different location

spring, summer, fall, winter

it has only 2 seasons: dry and rainy because it has a tropical climate, the weather patterns and prevailing temperature usually do not go below 65 degrees Fahrenheit

Technically, all countries experience all four seasons. These are based on the astronomical events of the equinoxes and solstices. Some countries do not experience extreme differences in the climate because of their proximity to, or remoteness from, the equator. The Philippines experience a relatively wet period and dry period referred to as seasons.

There are only two seasons in the Philippines.The wet and dry season.

because Philippines is in the typhoon belt... that's why typhoon is frequent in the Philippines from July to septemper............

The Philippines is a tropical country, located above the equator. Because of this, Philippines do not get any snow. There are only two seasons in tropical countries like the Philippines; rainy and sunny.

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