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1. To send an email to the second person without the first person knowing

2. Sending through a Mailing List or Newsletter

3. Protecting the second person by not sharing their email address to the first person

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Q: What are the three advantages to using Blind Carbon Copy in an email?
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Advantages to using the BCC or blind carbon copy feature in sending emails as opposed to the CC or carbon copy would be that: A. When you are sending email to several people but you don't want the identities of everyone on your mailing list revealed. (put your own address in the "To:" line.) B. Privacy. Discreet items that you want to send to more than one recipient. C. The BCC is "blind" as in the receivers of the email cannot see who else is getting the email. (this is advantageous, for example if you want to "rat out" someone who is causing trouble at work! You could send a response to their derogatory email and a "BCC" to the boss!)

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