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What are the three kinds of past tense?


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Simple past tense.

Past perfect tense.

Past continuous tense.

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Three is a number. It has no past tense, it is always three.

There are three types of tenses, and past tense is one of them. A past tense is a tense used for the things that had happened in the past.

There are four types of past tense:Simple past tensePast perfect tensePast continuous tensePast perfect continuous tenseIf you are referring to the two different types of verbs then they are regular and irregular.

'separated three substances' is past tense.

The Three Progressive tense of verbs are the past, present, and future progressive tense.... Its meaning hindi ko alam...........

Present tense, past tense and future tense.

The three simple tenses are:Past tensePresent tenseFuture tense

The three simple tenses are:Past tenseFuture tensePresent tense

The three principal parts of verbs are.Present TensePast TensePast Participle

past tense future tense present tense

The past tense of the verb "to color" is "colored" as in "The three year old colored a picture."

there are a lot but here are three: was, is, will be

the past tense of am is was and the past tense of has is had

past present & future im a smaticle :D

Was and were are both the past tense of be. The present tense is: I am he is you are they are The past tense is: I was he was you were they were

Was and were is the past tense of are and is (present tense conjugations of be).Present tense:I amWe areYou areHe/She/It isThey arePast tense:I wasWe wereYou wereHe/She/It wasThey were

The past tense of "will" is "would". The past tense of "to be" is "was" or "were".

"Had" is past tense.Had is the past tense of have.

Here's three examples: Present tense, I drive my son to school; Past tense, I drove my son to school;and Future tense, I will drive my son to school.

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