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How do waves change as they approach the shore

In what way does ocean water move globally

What is an effect of La Nia

In boiling water water molecules move apart and escape in the form of water vapor The process is called

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Q: What are the three major parts of the ocean divided by continents?
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What are the parts of the map?

latitude,longitude,unit,continents,and ocean

Can plated carry continents or parts of the ocean floor but not both?

Tectonic Plates can't carry both ocean floor and continents on the same plate.

Where can you find ocean trenches?

Ocean trenches are the deepest parts of the ocean. They border continents or island arcs where tectonic plates come together.

What is the second order of relief?

Largest parts of the planets (subdivisions) such as ocean basins and continents.

Where is there a tundra?

Tundras are usually found in the northern parts of countries and continents surrounding the arctic ocean.

Are continents parts of countries or are countries parts of continents?

Continents are the bigger objects within their given space. Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia are the Major Continents of the World. Of these, Australia is both a continent and a Nation, with no other counties on it. All the other six have many nations on them. In short, countries, which are political divisions are parts of continents.

Antarctic is divided into what two major parts?

into east and west

Which of the seven continents and the five oceans are located in the eastern hemsphere?

Continents:-- all of Asia and Australia-- parts of Europe, Africa, Antarctica, and North AmericaOceans:-- all of the Indian Ocean-- parts of the Pacific, Arctic, and Southern ones

What four major parts the earth is divided into?

The World is divided into four parts: the Western Hemisphere; the Eastern Hemisphere, the Northern Hemisphere, and the Southern Hemisphere.

True or false plates can carry continents or parts of the ocean floor but not both?

true. only one of them can be moved at one time

What two Canadian parts have ocean fishing as a major part of their economy?

nar the up

What is the continents of Asia are really parts of the same land mass?

What is the continents of asia are really parts of the same land mass?