What are the three major types of galaxies identified by Edwin Hubble?

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spiral galaxies elliptical galaxies and irregular galaxies
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Did Edwin Hubble have a sister?

He married Grace Burke on February 26, 1924.. He married Grace Burke on February 26, 1924.. he dident have any sisters at all

Who did Edwin Hubble work with?

Answer . Hubble worked with the astronomer G. E. Hale at the Mount Wilson observatory. He used methods and results by Henrietta S. Leavitt and V. M. Silpher. His long-time collaborator was M. L. Humason. .

How did Edwin Hubble determine that the Great Galaxy in Andromeda is located beyond our galaxy?

Hubble realized that dimmer galaxies were probably farther away tha brighter galaxies. Thus, he tried to determine if there is a relation between the distances to galaxies and their red shifts. Using estimated distances based on relative brightness and the observed Doppler red shifts, Hubble discove ( Full Answer )

What did Edwin hubble do?

Edwin Hubble was a highly appreciated astronomer who studied space. The Hubble telescope was name after him.

Who was Edwin Hubble?

\n. \nEdwin Hubble lived from 1889-1953. He showed that the Andromeda spiral was not part of the Milky Way galaxy. By showing this he proved that there are more galaxies in existance. Edwin Powell Hubble was born on November 20 1889, and he died on September 28, 1953. Edwin Powell Hubble was an Ame ( Full Answer )

What did the Edwin hubble invent?

Edwin Hubble invented a simple classification system for galaxies.The Hubble Space Telescope was named after him for his discoveriesin astronomy.

What did Edwin Hubble discover?

Edwin Hubble discovered that the Galaxies in the Universe are continually moving away - in all directions - from the Earth.

Where was astronomer Edwin Hubble buried?

Edwin Hubble was buried at cave hill cemetery Edwin Hubble's father John is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery. The location of the burial of the astronomers ashes was never revealed by his wife.

Did Edwin Hubble believe in God?

Hubble's thought about the existence of God are unknown. However,he was raised Christian and sometimes hinted at the fact that hebelieved in a "destiny" that could not be explained.

Where did Edwin hubble do his work at?

Edwin Hubble started his work at the University of Chicago, but healso spent some time a Oxford in England. He also founded the MountWilson Observatory in California and worked at the Mount PalomarObservatories, also in California.

In 1992 Edwin hubble announced that most galaxies in all directions show a redshift what does this imply about the movements of the universe why?

Edwin Hubble concluded from his research and dictations that the universe was indeed expanding, and quickly. In fact, as time goes on, the universe seems to be speeding up in its expansion. He backed it up with the big bang theory, the widely-accepted theory of how the universe began. The big bang ( Full Answer )

When did Edwin Hubble discover Neptune?

Edwin Hubble did not discover Neptune. Galileo's drawings show that he first observed Neptune on December 28, 1612, and again on January 27, 1613. On both occasions, Galileo mistook Neptune for a fixed star when it appeared very close in conjunction to Jupiter in the night sky, hence, he is not cre ( Full Answer )

What is Edwin hubble famous for?

Earth orbits the Sun, along with the other planets making up the solar system. However, the Sun is only a part of some hundred billion stars, with their own solar systems, that make up our galaxy.

What are the three types of galaxies?

The three different types of galaxies are the Spiral galaxy, theElliptical galaxy, and the Irregular galaxy. Spiral galaxies are obviously in the shape of a spiral, ellipticalgalaxies are shaped as an ellipse, or a flat circle, and irregulargalaxies can be any shape.

What college did Edwin hubble go to?

Edwin Hubble was a renowned astronomer who was born in Illinois in1900. He received his Bachelor's Degree from the University ofChicago and his Master's Degree from Oxford.

Why was Edwin hubble famous?

Edwin Hubble was famous for his work in establishing a linear relationship between the distance of a far away galaxy and the red shift measure. This relationship was interpreted by others to indicate that the galaxies were receding and the red shift was a Doppler shift. Hubble, himself, did not go ( Full Answer )

When did Edwin Hubble go to university?

Hubble earned a BS degree from the University of Chicago in 1910, and a Master's Degree in Spanish as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. After several years as a high school teacher, he returned to Chicago and earned a PhD in astronomy in 1917.

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What are the three types of galaxies and what are there and shape?

There are actually four broad classifications : spiral, elliptical, lenticular and irregular. Spiral galaxies look, basically, like our Milky Way Galaxy, though there are some variations. Ellipticals can look elongated like a football, or almost spherical. Lenticulars are "lens shaped" galaxies. ( Full Answer )

When did Edwin hubble invent the hubble telescope?

Edwin Hubble was an astronomer who worked with Earth-based telescopes, and who died in 1953, before the launch of the first artificial satellite. The Hubble Space Telescope was named in his honor almost 40 years later. Additional: (See related links.) If anything can be said to be invented ( Full Answer )

What two major discoveries did Edwin Hubble make about the universe in the mid 1900's?

\nhe discovered that there were millions of other galaxies... making the universe unimaginably larger than previously thought.\n. \nAnd he discovered that the light from distant galaxies is Red-shifted, and that the further the galaxy is, the more red-shifted its light.\n. \nThis not only demonstr ( Full Answer )

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Why is the Hubble telescope named after Edwin Hubble?

The Hubble Telescope was named after Edwin Powell Hubble who was an astronomer that confirmed that there were galaxies other than our own Milky Way; the discoveries of other galaxies have been repeatedly confirmed by the observations of the Hubble Telescope.

Where was Edwin Hubble die?

Edwin Powell Hubble, the noted astronomer that the Hubble Space Telescope is named for (he didn't have anything to do with its creation), died on September 28, 1953 (aged 63), in San Marino, California.

How did Edwin hubble sub-categorize spiral galaxies?

Hubble devised subcategorization for spiral galaxies first based onwhether the galaxy exhibited a bar and then how well the spiralarms were defined. The classes are designated as Sa, Sb, and SCwith the Sa class being the most tightly wound. A capital Bdesignation after the S indicates the presence o ( Full Answer )

Edwin Hubble found the galaxy in 1923 where did he found it?

In 1923, Edwin Hubble showed that the "spiral nebulae" that were presumed to be within our galaxy, the Milky Way, were actually other galaxies that lay far beyond our. The following year, he showed that the Milky Way was just one of many galaxies in the universe. Hubble's discovery, announced on Jan ( Full Answer )

Did Edwin Hubble discover that galaxies are moving toward the earth?

Hubble discovered other galaxies than our own. His work lead to the idea that these galaxies are generally moving away from our own Milky Way. Further, logical thinkers considered that the universe itself is expanding. And if the universe is expanding, it must at some point have been "compressed" ( Full Answer )

Why Is Edwin Hubble Important?

Edwin Hubble is important because of his excellent work in physics observation and analysis. Prior to Hubble, only Theoretical Work was honored. Hubble still sets the standard analysis in that while his redshift work is the "evidence" for "Expanding Universe", Hubble felt the redshift was an "unr ( Full Answer )

Did Edwin hubble discover the moon?

No. The astronomer and cosmologist Edwin Hubble was born in November, 1889. Numerous references to the moon will be found in countless ancient written works, including the Bible, written at least a few years earlier.

What planets did Edwin Hubble discover?

Edwin Hubble did not discover any planets. He is most famous for demonstrating that the "spiral nebulae" were, in fact, other galaxies lying far outside the Milky Way, and for discovering the relationship between redshift (= recessional velocity) of galaxies and their distances.

Did Edwin hubble show that the galaxies were movindg away from each other?

No. What Hubble did was to demonstrate that most of the distant galaxies exhibit a "red shift" in their spectra, and that the magnitude of the red shift in the spectra is roughly proportional to the distance. We INTERPRET the red shift as indicating that the universe is expanding, that the red sh ( Full Answer )

What is the types of galaxies according to Hubble?

Hubble's classification scheme (which originally he proposed to beassociated with galactic evolution) uses a letter designation todescribe the various galactic types based on their shape.Ellipticals (E) mostly featureless with a smooth appearance;spirals (S) which have arms extending outwards in a s ( Full Answer )

How did Edwin Hubble discover that there are other galaxies besides our own?

Prior to Hubble, most astronomers believed that our Milky Way galaxy was, in effect, the entire universe, and the wispy disc-like structures that could be seen at a distance were nebular clouds. By studying a certain type of variable star in some of these "clouds", Hubble deduced that they were sepa ( Full Answer )

What did Edwin Hubble do to get recognized in his field?

Hubble was a legend among astronomers, for many reason, but his most noteworthy achievement was probably the discovery and subsequent proof that what were called at that time "nebulae", were actually separate galaxies like our own, and hence very far away from us. That one discovery kind of took a ( Full Answer )

How did Edwin Hubble study space?

Observation, both direct through telescopes and of photographic plates. In 1919, Hubble was offered a staff position in California by George Ellery Hale, the founder and director of the Carnegie Institution's Mount Wilson Observatory, near Pasadena, California, where he remained on the staff until h ( Full Answer )

When did Edwin Hubble discover that the Milky Way Galaxy is not the only galaxy?

Hubble did not discover that there were other galaxies; that had been discovered earlier. But Hubble was the first to demonstrate that the more distant another galaxy is, the faster it is moving away from us. Edit: I'm not sure that's right. Hubble was surely the first to prove that a "spiral n ( Full Answer )

How Did Edwin Hubble Discoveries about the galaxies impact our lives?

They didn't. Most people's lives remain unaffected by anything beyond geosynchronous orbit. (Geosynch is the altitude of communications satellites.) Even for those of us who are fascinated by astronomy and space travel, information about distant galaxies is unlikely to affect us personally in any si ( Full Answer )

How did 1920's astronomer Edwin Hubble explain his observations that all light from distant galaxies exhibits the red-shift Doppler effect?

He concluded that all of space was expanding. Answer2: Hubble did not conclude that all space was expanding! Hubble concluded that he did not know what the redshift was. 1. "Red shifts represent Doppler effects, physical recession of the nebulae, or the action of some hitherto unrecognized ( Full Answer )

Why are the galaxies divided into three major types?

Galaxy morphological classification is a system used by astronomers to divide galaxies into groups based on their visual appearance. Hubble sequence is a morphological classification scheme for galaxies invented by Edwin Hubble in 1936. he divided the galaxies into 1) elliptical galaxies 2)Spira ( Full Answer )

How did Edwin Hubble contribute to science?

Hubble was an astrophysicist in the early 20th century. He helpeddiscover the rate at which the universe is expanding, which is nowgiven by the Hubble constant. (H 0=69km s^-1 Mpc^-1)