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There are estimated to be around 30,000 denominations of Christianity. The three main denominations are Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism.

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How many different types of churches in Christianity are there?

about 7 billion

What two churches emerged from the split in Christianity?

what two churches emerged from split in christianity

Where is Christianity mostly worshiped?

In churches

What is the top religious in world now?

Christianity. That includes the various branches of Christianity - such as Catholicism, diverse protestant churches, and Orthodox churches in the east.

What do Baptist churches worship?

They worship the Christian God, and Baptist is a branch of Christianity. There are many types of Baptist, and it is believed to have started as a result of the Reformation.

Wht are the three major churches in Christianity?

Most would say the three most populous denominations are: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant. A fast growing fourth is Evangelicals.

How many types of Christianity do we have?

A recent survey had over 30,000 Churches and/or organizations worldwide that said they were Christian - many with 'shades' of differences from each other.

How are Islam mosques and Christianity churches alike?

Both mosques and Churches are for Same God worship

What two churches emerged from split of Christianity?

The two churches were the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic

What two churches emerged from the split of Christianity?

The two churches were the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic

What two churches emerged from a split in Christianity?

the two churches were eastern orthodox and the roman catholic.

Where is Christianity practiced the most?

Churches, Temples, Cathedrals

Were do Christianity worship?

Mostly in Chapel's, Churches and Cathedrals.

What types of religions do Christianity use?

Christianity is the religion with three major denominations: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant. In each of these, there are literally thousands of sects.

What churches include the Islam religion?

None. Islam is outside of the various churches of Christianity and is a distinct religion.

What are the 3 types of church polities or organization?

There are three types of churches, all fall into either of them .They are Tradition Church, Evangelical church and the Charismatic church.

What are the three types of Christianity?

There are more than tree, but the largest are Orthodox, Protestant, and the largest, Catholic.

What are the three types of religion?

The 3 main religions are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. The three types of religions according to geographers are ethnic religions,animist religions, Universalizing religions.

When Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity what did he begin building?


What religion uses a church?

All denominations of Christianity have churches.

What are the 3 main types of religions in Africa?

The three main types of religions in Africa are 1. Christianity 2. Islamic 3. Traditional

What is it about local churches that so many misunderstand Christianity?

There are many churches and many different beliefs among them. While the practices of one church may suggest to another that that church misunderstands Christianity, the reality is that most of the churches are correct in their own way.

What are the two major types of Christianity?

The two main types of Christianity is protestants and catholics.

What is older version of Christianity?

Christianity was a "branch" of Judaism originally. The oldest Christianity may be the Church that is now split between the Orthodox and the Catholic churches...

What is Frankfurt's religion?

Christianity is the main religion. There exist christian churches.