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not quite sure what u mean

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What is a tigers shape and size?

quite big in size..

What is the 2 strongest cat in the world?

Tigers, after tigers, lions. According to the strength compared to its size, Jaguar is the strongest cat, but tigers and lions have advantage of their large size.

What size are Amur tigers?

Amur tigers, also known as Siberian tigers, are the largest of all tiger species. Males ranging in size over 700 pounds are not unheard of.

What size is a tiger's paw?

a tigers paw size is 50cm to 70cms

What is the population size of white tigers?

All white tigers are in captivity at the moment, where there are hundreds.

Are tigers bigger than whales in weight?

Yes. They are about the same size, but Tigers are bigger

What is the size of tigers?

30 cm long

What size are lions and tigers?

Really big

What size are snow leopards paws?

about the size of a tigers paw,or a bob cat

What is a tigers size?

male tiger on average are 270 to 310 cm female tigers are 230 to 260

What size groups do Bengal tigers live in?

Tigers are generally solitary animals except for females with cubs.

What is the Siberian tigers size?

The Siberian Tiger is the largest of the Tigers and can weigh in the 600 plus pound range.

What is the size of the African tiger?

Tigers live in Asia. Male Bengal and Siberian tigers can approach 600 pounds in weight.

Are all tigers eyes the same?

Yes, varying only in size.

What is the size of a female tiger?

female tigers weigh about 300 pounds.

What size are golden tabby tigers?

it is smaller than bengal tiger...........

What is the size of all the tigers all around the world?

400 km

Do tigers eat more or less than lions?

it depends on the size

Sabertooth tigers average size?

I know that the average size for a saber tooth is 3 ft. 5 in. in hight.

How are lions and tigers similar predators?

they are both big cats, they are a similar size (although tigers are slightly bigger) and they both hunt for meat.

Do baby tigers go roar or meow?

Because of their small size and underdeveloped vocal cords tigers do meow for the first year of their life.

Is a lion or a tiger bigger is size?

Tigers are bigger than lions.

Are some tigers brown?

Some are it all depends on the size of their testicles

What is the average size and weight of Bengal tigers?

Tigers are large carnivorous predators. Adult Tigers can be as long as 11 feet in length and weigh upto 300 kilograms. Siberian Tigers are the largest species of Tigers and are much heavier than their Indian cousins the Bengal Tiger. This weight of 300 kilos is for male tigers. Female tigers may weigh around 200 to 250 kilograms.

Who is the most powerful animal between lion and tiger?

Tigers are much more powerful. Tigers naturally are bigger and with size comes strengh. Also lions are very lazy animals, while tigers are always on the move. Tigers are also alot faster then lions.