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Seismographs are instruments that record earthquake waves

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What are some tools used in seismology?


What is seismology used for?

Seismology is used to detect earthquakes

How is math used in seismology?


What is the process used to pinpoint an earthquake?

Seismology is used to pinpoint an earthquake.

What do study Seismology?

what do seismology study

How earthquake seismology differ from exploration seismology?

a) Seismology earthquake occur along plate boundaries , on faults and in volcanic areas while seismology exploration was create by artificial sources like explosion. Besides seismology earthquake make lot destruction than seismology exploration.

Which is is not a branch of biology botany zooology seismology?


Which is not a branch of biology seismology or zoology or botany?


What is the study seismology?

Seismology is the study of the motions of the Earth's crust.

What work do the seismology do?

seismology is the study of earthquakes and their effects on the earth

What is a slinky seismology?

slinky seismology is based on the tenet that has almost anything to do with earthquakes seismology can be demonstrated with one or more slinkies

What do you call someone who studies seismology?

A person who studies seismology is called a seismologist.

What applications does seismology have besides measuring the magnitude and location of earthquakes?

Reflection and refraction seismology can be used in geophysical exploration to locate layers of varying density which can be used for example to locate underground hydrocarbons in the oil and gas industry. Seismology has also provided us with information on the internal structure and state of matter of the interior of the Earth. Please see the related links.

What type of wave indicates a secondary wave?

The term used in seismology is the S-wave.

What is the study of the sun's sound waves called Helios seismology?

yes. Helios Seismology

What is the scientific discipline which studies earthquakes?

Seismology which is a sub branch of geophysics.plate tonics or seismology

How does seismology differ from siesmologist?

seismology is study of earthquqks and seismologist is a person who studies seismic waves

Is seismology a science or social science?

Seismology is a science of the earth's geology. It is not a study of human society.

What tools were used in Mesopotamia?

They used tools and you can look tools up to see what they used

Which natural phenomenon does seismology study?

The natural phenomenon that seismology studies earthquakes. Seismology also studies seismic waves that move though the Earth. Seismic waves result from earthquakes.

What does PHILVOCS mean?

The meaning of PHILVOCS is Philippine volcanolgy and seismologyThe meaning of PHILVOCS is Philippine volcanolgy and seismology

Seismology is the study of what?


Who discovered seismology?

Mr. You answer it.

Study of earthquakes?


Is seismology the study of tornadoes?

no. It is the study of the tectonic plates and the earthquakes that form. It studies the seismic activities of these plates. Thus seismology.

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