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The top three car insurance companies in Pennsylvania would have to be State Farm, Safe Auto, and Geiko

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2010-02-25 21:30:56
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Q: What are the top three car insurance companies in Pennsylvania?
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Where can I find a list of Pennsylvania car insurance companies?

You can go to There you will be able to compare the different car insurance companies which are available in Pennsylvania.

Is it possible to get online quotes for Pennsylvania car insurance companies?

Yes it is in fact possible to get online car insurance quotes for Pennsylvania. You can go to most car insurance companies' websites and get this information.

Which companies in Pennsylvania offer PIP car insurance?

their are many companies which offer pip car insurance you can even get it insured online for detailed information try this :

How many different car insurance companies are available in Pennsylvania?

There are numerous car insurance companies in Pennsylvania. There are all the big names like State farm and Geico as well as a lot of smaller companies.

What are some companies in PA that offer car insurance?

Companies in Pennsylvania that offer car insurance are Allstate, Esurance, as well as IFA auto insurance. Other companies in the state of Pennsylvania include 1st Choice Auto Insurance Company and Zurich American Insurance Company.

Which car insurance providers sell insurance in Pennsylvania?

All the major car insurance companies operate in Pennsylvania like Geico and State Farm. There are also some great small local companies as well.

What are some higher rated Pennsylvania car insurance providers?

Most national car insurance companies do business in Pennsylvania. Many higher rated insurance companies include Progressive, GEICO, All State, State Farm and others.

What types of car insurance are offered in Pennsylvania?

All major car insurance companies offer policies in Pennsylvania. You have to get state mandated minimum coverage but may opt to get higher levels of insurance. Comprehensive, collision, theft, liability and other car insurance policies are available.

Which car insurance companies are based in Pennsylvania?

There are many major companies that are available in Pennsylvania. These include 21st Century and Allstate. They will find the perfect plan for you no matter what you drive.

Where can I find good auto insurance quotes for Pennsylvania?

The website will give you a lot of information about insurance quotes in the State of Pennsylvania. It lists several different insurance companies along with insurance requirements.

What car insurance companies in Pennsylvania offer family discounts?

You will find that a lot of national companies offer a family discount. Allstate allows you to add your children to your insurance and if you have multiple policies you can get a discount. They also operate offices in Pennsylvania.

What are the most popular collector car insurance companies?

There are many great collector car insurance companies. The most popular collector car insurance companies are Hagerty Collector Car Insurance, Grundy Insurance, and Chubb Collector Car Insurance.

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