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51 FT. LBS.

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Q: What are the torque specs for the rod end bearing for an 84 Toyota 22r?
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What are the main bearing torque specs for a1985 Toyota 22r motor?

Main caps should be torqued at 76 foot pounds for the 22r.

What are the torque specs for 1985 Toyota 22R flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts?

80Lbs for flywheel, 10 to 15lbs for pressure plate

What are the torque specs for a 22r head?

get specs from your local librarys technical isle look up specs and tightening sequence.

What is the torque on a Toyota pickup 22r exhaust manifold 1988?

19 lbs on the studs, and 30 on the nuts.

What is torque when replacing Toyota 22r connecting rod bearings?

i would sayy 40 is good enough !

What is the torque specs for the intake manifold on a 1983 Toyota 4x4 with a 22r engine?

Improve13 ft lbs but tighten gradually from the center out to each side.If you number them 1-5 tighten them as 3-2-4-1-5...Read more: What_are_the_torque_specs_for_a_2001_Toyota_Tundra_intake_manifold

Connecting rod torque for a 22r?

1986 is 43lbs

How do you set timing on a Toyota 22R engine?

To set the timing on a Toyota 22R engine find the distributor. The engine will have marks at which the distributor can be set. The OEM setting for a 22R engine is 5 degrees.

What should main bearing clearance be on 1986 22r Toyota engine?

.0010 - .0022 in or .025 - .055 mm max limit is .0031 in or .08 mm

Why is the 1993 Toyota hilux 22r is a good truck?

Because it has Toyota stamped on it.

How much to replace injectors in 86 Toyota truck 22r?

To replace the injectors in 86 Toyota truck 22r, simply refer to your user and service manual.

What viscosity oil for a 1990 Toyota 22r?


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