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Philippine tourism authority

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Q: What are the tourism organizations in the Philippines?
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When was Department of Tourism - Philippines - created?

Department of Tourism - Philippines - was created in 1973.

What are the current issues affecting tourism industry in the Philippines?

current issues in tourism in the philippines

Who is the Secretary of Tourism for Philippines?

Jr. Ramon R. Jimenez is the Secretary of Tourism for Philippines.

Important of tourism in the Philippines economy?

= Important of tourism in the Philippines do tourism contribute to the improvemrnt of economy and success of a business =

Importance of tourism in Philippines?

One importance of tourism in the Philippines is the revenue that is generated. Tourist spend money and boost the economy .

Impacts of tourism in the Philippines?

Some of the impacts of tourism in the Philippines include an increase in jobs in tourism and an increase in tourist dollars. Tourists have also opened an understanding of Philippine culture.

What is the economic impacts of tourism in Philippines?

There are many economic impacts that tourism has created within the Philippines. Tourism has allowed for the advancement within this country and has helped to boost the overall economy.

What can you say about tourism careers in the Philippines?


When did tourism started in the Philippines?

the day we were born

Origi of tourism in the Philippines?

there is no word like that

Where can one get information on tourism in the Philippines?

The Philippines has a website that offers a lot of information about its tourism. On that page, they offer information about attractions, activities, and more.

What are the different organizations in the Philippines?


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