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There are far more than two books like that. They include pretty much all of the Old Testament and most of the New Testament (except for the Letters of Paul).

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Q: What are the two books in the bible that no one knows for sure who wrote them?
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Where was mark in the Bible born?

No one knows for sure. It wasn't really ever mentioned in the Bible.

Who wrote Satans Bible?

some awesome hermit guy who is an inspiration to us all im sure.

Are there any women writers of the Bible?

All the female original authors of the Bible wrote poems, whether Miriam, Mary, or Lemuel's mother. We have no certainty that books of the Bible named for women were written by those women. But we do know that Miriam wrote the song of triumph after the Red Sea (Exodus 15). King Lemuel wrote what his mother taught him (Proverbs 31), but the words seem to have been originally penned by his mother. Mary certainly is the author of Luke 1:46-55).If a Biblical author simply quotes a woman, it does not necessarily follow that she is a Bible writer. But if he quotes what she wrote, then she is the one God used to pen that portion of Scripture.Yes! There is Ruth, and Ester, there may be more, not sure.ANSWER:The truth is, there are a couple of books in the Bible that COULD have been written by women. Ecclesiastes is one of these. It's argued that that it was written by Solomon or someone because of the context of some of the words...but it starts a lot of the chapters with "The Teacher said." Which means the book was transcribed and it is believed to have been written possibly by one of Solomon's wives.Song of Solomon is also a book that was co-written by a woman. One of Solomon's wives directly answers several questions.We also have no idea who for sure wrote Hebrews, and one of the theories is that it was written by Aquilla and Priscilla, two women.

What is the oldest Bible in existence?

The oldest known version of the bible was found in Greece from 350 BC. As far as scrolls If you had the bible on scrolls each scroll is one page. I'm sure 66 books would not fit on one pageAnswer:The world's oldest known Christian Bible is 1,600 years old and was found in the Sinai desert in Egypt more than 160 years ago. It si known as the Codex Sinaiticus. Since the Bible has developed and changed over the year, iIt differs from the common Bible found today as it:includes two books that are not part of the official New Testamentseven books that are not in the Old Testament.the New Testament books are in a different orderfamiliar passages are missing, including verses dealing with the resurrection of Jesus

What is the name of the second Bible?

Even though i am not sure what you are asking when referring to a "second bible" i will attempt to help you. Several faiths use books in addition to the Bible that they consider as sacred to support their beliefs; examples Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses. The catholic faith uses a version of the Bible that is the same Bible as the protestant churches use with the exception being the Catholic Bible contains 8 books in the Old Testament that are omitted from versions of the Bible the protestant churches use. Even though this is the case both protestants and catholics agree on the central theme in the Bible; salvation is through Jesus Christ alone and the Bible is the only source where the sacred word of God to man is be found; this being true there would be no "second bible".

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Is there really two more unpublished books after Revelations in The Bible?

No no one knows for sure. Probaly not

Why did saint Matthew not believe the Bible?

The bible as we have it today was not available to Matthew. He himself wrote at least one of the books, and it was much later when all of the books written by all of the authors were brought together. We are not even sure if the books that go to make up the bible which we have today are in their right order.

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What books did haile selassie read?

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Where was mark in the Bible born?

No one knows for sure. It wasn't really ever mentioned in the Bible.

Did Edgar Allan Poe write books?

Well..I'm not really sure. I don't think he books but i think he wrote 4 books.

Wrote the first five books?

There are 2 common answers to this question. The traditional answer is that Moses wrote most of the first 5 books of the Bible. Others believe that these books were complied from 4 different sources, called J (for Jehovah or YHWH); E (for Elohim); P (for Priest); and D (for Deutronomic). Personally, I believe the evidence is scant for the JEPD theory. Ultimately, we don't know for sure who wrote the pentateuch.

How may times the bible mention that god the father physically wrote something?

I am pretty sure that the exact phrase "physically wrote" does not appear a single time in the Bible.

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