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toddler and adolescence

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Q: What are the two main stages of growth and development are associated with rapid and diverse changes?
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Why is the study of child growth and development considered interdisciplinary?

because individuals from diverse fields have contributed to our knowledge of child development.

What are the difference between growth and development?

Growth is growing larger in size development is not growing larger in size but growing something else example girls develop breasts

The pituitary hormone associated with metabolic rate and with growth and development is?


Which of the minerals is associated with retarded growth and sexual development in children?


What deficiency in children is associated with retarded growth and sexual development?


What is Economic growth that assures basic resources for future generations is associated with human development?

Economic growth that assures basic resources for the future is associated with sustainable human development. This type of development meets current needs without compromising the future.

What are the different changes of occurring puberty?

breast development and hair growth

What are the different changes in growth and development?

When you are starting to think about One Direction or Justin Bieber

What term describes all the changes that place during the of an organism include growth?


What term refers to the organic growth of an organism involving the changes it undergoes from being simple to becoming more complex?


What is quantitative development?

Quantitative development is what we call ''growth development'' wherein this is the changes of individual as he/she progresses in chronological ways. ---increases in size or weight... Cristel Caisio

What are the changes that happens with girl?

Some of the changes are:Breast growth and developmentMenstruation (period)Hair growth (underarm and pubic)Acne development (face, chest, and back)Attraction to the opposite sex