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Q: What are the two non exhaustible sources of energy?
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Name sources of energy?

There are many sources of energy and they are actually categorized in to two groups; Renewable and Non Renewable.Renewable SourcesSolar EnergyWind EnergyHydroGeothermalBiomassFor Non Renewable:Fossil FuelsRadioactive Fuels

How many different non-conventional sources are being used in UK?

Two-Solar energy and tidal energy.

What are two reasons for renewable sources of energy been better than non renewable sources of energy?

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What are two sources of thermal energy?

The two types of thermal energy sources are Geothermal and Thermal Energy

How is the suns energy classified?

Energy sources can be classified into two types: nonrenewable and renewable. Nonrenewable resources, such as fossil fuels and nuclear material, are removed from the earth and can be depleted. These resources have been the most used type of energy in the modern era. The source of energy that does not replenish in nature is known as non-renewable source of energy. Coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc. are some of the examples of non-renewable sources of energy. (b) Exhaustible sources are those sources of energy, which will deplete and exhaust after a few hundred years. An ideal source of energy should possess the following characteristics. (a) It should be capable of giving an adequate amount of useful energy. (b) It should be convenient to transport, store and use. (c) It should be economical. It does a huge amount of work per unit mass. It is easily accessible. It is easy to store and transport. It is economical.

What are two sources of electrical energy?

there are not just two electrical sources of energy there are lots but two could be solar and biomass

How two energy sources connect to the load?


Give you two sources of light energy?

Two sources of light energy include the sun and incandescent light bulbs.

What are the two sources of that power earths energy?

The sun and the earth's interior are the two sources of energy that power earth's systems.

What two sources of energy are the most common ways to cook a Christmas meal?

The two main sources of energy gas and electricity.

What are two sources of energy that power earths system?

The sun and the earth's interior are the two sources of energy that power earth's systems.

What are two sources energy for the earth system?

Matter and energy