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east and west wall

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What is the Vietnam Womens Memorial?

The Vietnam Womens Memorial is one of the three parts that make up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; it is a statue consisting of two nurses (most women in the Vietnam War were nurses, making these nurses a symbol) and an injured man in one of the nurse's arms.

How many engraved granite panels make up the Vietnam veterans memorial wall?


How do you make the windmill move on astro knights island?

you make it move by jumping on the wings (is that what they're called??).

What sound do crickets make?

The sound crickets make is called chirping. They make it by rubbing their wings together as they are looking for a mate.

What is your favorite recipe for hot wings?

My favorite recipe is called "Detroit Hot Honey Wings" and can be found at They are super delicious and easy to make.

How do you make a sentence with the word wings?


Explain what is koren war veterans memorial?

When the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Wall went up in '82, the Women Viet Vets wanted one too, so they built the Women Vietnam Memorial next to it, "the Nurses". Then someone added the three "infantrymen" statue (Note: this is not in chronological order). Then someone didn't like the name "war" and the name Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was accepted; Then the Korean War veterans wanted a memorial, so an artist was commissioned to make one; a squad or platoon of infantrymen (all standing) and walking on patrol; all constructed of bronze (?)'s very different from many other memorials; appears to be of an original or at least a unique in concept design. Shortly thereafter, or around the same time frame, someone wanted a WWII memorial built...which was surprising; because most United States citizens always believed we already had one! The United States Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima! Turns out that was a monument to the Marine Corps; many people didn't know that (many probably still don't). So we built a WWII memorial too. But we shall save the best for last; the Vietnam "War Dog" Memorial (probably called "K9" memorial). There was talk of one some time ago; The US Army didn't keep records until after 1968 in Vietnam, but approximately 5,000 US military working dogs (war dogs) served in the war; about 10,000 US servicemen worked as "dog-handlers" in Vietnam, and 73 of them, plus 43 war dogs were killed in Vietnam. If "man" has to have memorials dedicated to him, certainly "his best friend" should have one too!

How long did it take to make world war 2 memorial?

It took about 300 days to make the memorial!

What do you do when your daughter wants wings?

Make paper mache wings!

Who thought of the idea to make the pearl harbor memorial?

The government was behind the idea to make the Pearl Harbor Memorial. The Memorial is located off of the coast of Oahu.?æ

How the wings make a budgie fly?

The bones are hollow and make the bird light and he can fly by flapping his wings.

Did Chaplin make the movie called Wings?

No. It was a 1927 silent film with Charles "Buddy" Rogers and Richard Arlen.

What part of the bat's body make up its wings?

It's wings.

What are hip bones called?

The pelvis. The individual "wings" that make the protrusions on both sides are called the ilium. See the related link for more information.

Why did the Americans make war with Vietnam?

The Americans did not make war with Vietnam. There was no Vietnam. There were two countries: NORTH Vietnam and SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam attacked SOUTH Vietnam. The US (Americans) defended SOUTH Vietnam. The US never invaded NORTH Vietnam (the US bombed it though). NORTH Vietnam invaded SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was (and still is) a communist nation. The US was against communism.

What is a fairy with no wings?

it would make no sence for a fairy to have "no" wings they use them to get around

Is aprilnny pike going to make a seaqeal to wings?

yes the book is going to be called spells and the third bool is enchanted

How do you make ponderosa chicken wings?

Ponderosa chicken wings are fried wings that are served in many restaurants. The wings are seasoned with a variety of spices and deep fried.

How are a bat's wings like a bird's wings?

the wings both flap they could be the same color they both make the animal fly.

What is eagle's wings make of?


Will they make Wings into a movie?


Do wasp wings make noise?


How do you paint angel wings?

There is no correct way to paint angel wings. Use your own expression. If you are trying to make the wings look how the average person sees them, make them white with a lot of feathers.

What are the 5 countries that make up French indochina?

Tonkin - in Vietnam Annam - in Vietnam Cochinchina - in Vietnam Cambodia Laos

Why did they make the Jefferson memorial?

They made it because they thought he was a good president, just likme why they made the Washington memorial, the Lincoln memorial,etc. that iss lies

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