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In the Philippines, the latest K to 12 curicculumn has been adopted.

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2013-09-04 10:25:15
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Q: What are the types of curriculum operating in public school in the Philippines?
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The school role and influence on curriculum?

Who sets the curriculum in our public school systems?

Is technological university of the Philippines a public school?

Yes, Technological university of the Philippines is a Public School

What are the different curriculum in the Philippines?

The Philippines have many different curriculum that they use. Some of these include basic education, new elementary school, elementary learning competencies, and the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports curriculum.

What are the types of school curriculum?

Types of curriculum operating in schools * recommended * written * supported * taught * learned * hidden * assessed

How many public school teachers are there in the Philippines?


In Georgia who has the primary responsibility for establishing public school curriculum?

Phil Barlington

Give example of a public policy in the Philippines?

is there public policy existing in the philippines about school-aged children are out on the streets late at night?

How is the financing of public schools in the philippines?

you should do everything for you school

How do you improve educational system in the Philippines?

The improvement of the educational system in the Philippines starts at the pre-school level. In the k-12 levels the Philippines implemented the policy that all children must attend school, and a complete overhaul of the academic curriculum.

Advantages of studying in public schools in the Philippines?

public school in the Philippines hire only licensed teacher compare to private schools that hire unlicensed teacher, public schools in the Philippines don't ask for tuition fee.

The executive department in charge of deciding on nationwide curriculum standard for public schools is called?

school board

Should religious education form part of the school curriculum?

Absolutly not, religion has no place in public schools.

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