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What are the types of intravenous solutions?


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1. Isotonic

2. Hypotonic

3. Hypertonic

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Crystalloids, Colloids, Hydrating Solutions, Hypertonic-Hyperosmolar Preparations, and blood or blood components.

Penicillin comes in tablets, intravenous solutions and intramuscular injections.

There are many different types of solutions. Some examples of different solutions are isotonic solutions, hypertonic solutions and hypotonic solutions.

subcutaneous intravenous intramuscular

Liquids given intravenously are solutions in water so they are mixtures not compounds.

intradermal intramuscular intravenous subcutaneous

The three types of solutions are liquid, gas, and solid.

An intravenous injection goes directly to the blood stream and its action is faster than the other types of injection.

Isotonic, because that is close to the concentration in the blood.

According to the degree of solubility, the three types of solution are: isotonic solutions, hypertonic solutions, and hypotonic solutions. These three solutions have different effects on the osmosis of cells.

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They are two types of Non-Ideal solutions. They are (i) Non-Ideal solutions showing positive deviation (ii) Non-ideal solutions showing negative deviation

types of injection or administering medication or drugs? * intradermal * subcutaneous * intravenous * intramuscular the terms say it all haha.

I.V. injection fluids, vaccines, and antibiotics all must be sterile.

There are 3 types: gas, liquid and solid.

kind of intravenous fluid kind of intravenous fluid

The three types arethe system has a unique solutionthe system has no solutionsthe system has infinitely many solutions.

what solution of clock

An IV, or intravenous therapy, is an infusion of liquid directly into the blood stream. Any liquid medication can be given by IV.

is0tonic solutions are those solutions that have the same concentration with the body fluid.

Intravenous means - within or by means of a vein. Example: My friend got intravenous injection in his left arm.

Different types of solutions are the hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic.

solutions colloids and suspension

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