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What are the types of off-road motorbikes?

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  1. Kawasaki
  2. Yamaha
  3. Honda
  4. KTM
  5. and Suzuki are the main ones
Yamaha is best!
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What are the types of motorbikes and what are they used for?

There are heaps of motorbike brands my offroad motorbike is made by motorworks the most popular motorbike brand is Yamaha.They are used 4 having fun and jumps(off road motorbikes)And registered motorbikes are used to travel to places hpoe this helps

When did Offroad Thunder happen?

Offroad Thunder happened in 1999.

When did ATV Offroad Fury happen?

ATV Offroad Fury happened in 2001.

Can you buy motorbikes in the sims2?

No you carnt by motorbikes it is only cars.

How many motorbikes are in India?

There are over 2.5 million motorbikes in the India. Motorbikes in India is used mainly for transport. Many youths that would be unemployed have been absorbed thanks to the motorbikes.

When did ATV Offroad Fury Pro happen?

ATV Offroad Fury Pro happened in 2006.

When was ATV Offroad Fury created?

ATV Offroad Fury was created on 2001-02-05.

What is the best offroad vehicle?

The best right off the dealership offroad vehicle is the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

What are the ratings and certificates for Offroad - 2012?

Offroad - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:12

What are BMW motorbikes famous her?

BMW motorbikes are famous for many reasons. These motorbikes have been shown in many thrillers and racing movies; They are popular for their speed and quality.

Where are motorbikes coming from on YoVille?

Motorbikes are already available in YoVille. You can purchase them from the car store.

When was ATV Offroad Fury Pro created?

ATV Offroad Fury Pro was created on 2006-10-26.

What is the best jeep for offroad and highway driving?

I go for wrangler. It has outstanding offroad ability. I also have my jeep patriot. I can say that jeep patriot is okay to use. Less expensive jeep offroad and you can save more fuel.

Were motorbikes made in the world war?

Yes motorbikes were used by the Allied and Axis armies. There weren't too many made for civilians, but, the armies of waring nations used plenty of motorbikes.

What was used before motorbikes?

before motorbikes people would use horses alot more for the same stuff e.g. people used horses to do farming an now they use motorbikes

When were motorbikes invented?


Are motorbikes motorcycles?


What is motorbike scrambling?

Scrambling is a term given to a specific motorbike type 'Scramblers'. These bikes are optomised for off road riding, generally have engines below 500cc, nobbly off road tires, deep suspension and off road styling. Google "scramblers", "offroad motorbikes" etc for more info. -Jvr

Can you license a offroad dirt bike?

no you cannot

Is the loudest burp louder than a motorcycle?

all motorbikes are different so i guess some motorbikes could be quieter?

What is the average cost of a kids motorbike?

Target's online website has a number of kid's motorbikes for sale. The price of the motorbikes vary depending on the features of the bike. The motorbikes on this website range in price between approximately $220 and $470.

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What motorbikes does Italy make?

Ducati .