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helium stars

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Q: What are the types of stars in the constellation Hercules?
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How many stars are in the constellation Hercules?

The number of stars in the constellation Hercules is debated, but most agree on 14-22 stars in the constellation.

What are the main stars in Hercules the Hero constellation?

What are the stars in Hercules the Hero constellation? mu herculis, vega, lyra

How many stars does Hercules constellation have?

There are 106 stars in Hercules, as identified by Bayer/Flamsteed.

How many stars in the constellation Hercules?


Is Hercules a galaxy?

Hercules is a constellation pattern of stars in the sky. Certainly not a galaxy.

How was the Hercules constellation discovered?

people were looking at the stars and said oh that looks like Hercules

What are the largest stars in the constellation Hercules?

The ten brightest stars in Hercules are the conveniently if unimaginatively named β Her, ζ Her, δ Her, π Her, α1 Her, μ Her, η Her, ξ Her, γ Her, and ι Her.

What are the major stars in the constellation Hercules?

Hercules is large, but it doesn't contain any really bright stars. (The globular cluster called M13 is of interest.) These are the brightest stars (apparent magnitude) in Hercules: Kornephoros, Zeta Herculis, Sarin, Pi Herculis, Rasalgethi.

Is Hercules a planet?

Hercules is a constellation - a group of stars, visible in April and May. It is not really a group of stars, it just looks like a group as seen from the Earth. Many will be close, others will be distant.

Who discovered the constellation Hercules?

What we see as constellations is actually a 2-dimensional projection of the different stars in the galaxy. In ancient times, people saw patterns in the sky and so we got constellations. The constellation of Hercules was listed by Ptolemy but it is unknown who first named the constellation.

What time of the year would you find the constellation Hercules?

The constellation Hercules is best viewed in July.

Is Hercules a constellation?

Yes, there is a constellation with that name. "Hercules" also has several other meanings.