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The graduate schools at Harvard, such as the Law School, Medical School, and Business School, do not generally accept applications from students who have not already have received four-year Bachelor's degree. You will first need to complete your undergraduate studies. But even if you are still in high school, you can still browse the admissions information for any of the graduate schools

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There is no single office at Harvard University that handles admissions for all students to all programs. Instead, each school maintains its own admissions office and specialized staff to meet the needs of their prospective students. Below is a listing of admissions offices for the following programs:

Undergraduate Graduate programs Professional Education programs Continuing Education Summer School Programs

Visit the HARVARD UNIVERSITY WEBSITE found in the Related Link below and go to the Admissions & Financial Aid link.

The following paraphrased cut & pasted excerpts, excluding various and sundry editorial comments and licenses, are from that link.


1.0/1.4 GENERAL

1.0 Harvard is America's oldest college.

1.1 Harvard, is VERY selective and estimated the cost for tuition, fees, room, board and personal expenses halls in 2004-05 was approximately $42,450 plus an amount for travel depending on your home state.

1.3 The Harvard-Yale football clash is called "the big game" by many of the world's movers and shakers. Harvard (and Yale) has won the national championship

1.4 Harvard's sports teams are "The Crimson".

2.0/2.7 ADMISSIONS ×¢ 2.1 Harvard's Admissions Committee says that it recognizes that schools vary by size, academic program and grading policies, so Harvard does not have rigid grade requirements. Harvard does seek students who achieve at a high level, and most admitted students rank in the top 10-15% of their graduating classes.

2.2 Harvard states that here is no formula for gaining admission to Harvard. Academic accomplishment in high school is important, but the Admissions Committee also considers many other criteria, such as community involvement, leadership and distinction in extracurricular activities, and work experience.

2.3 Harvard relies on teachers, counselors, headmasters and alumni/ae to share information with them about applicants' strength of character, their ability to overcome adversity and other personal qualities - all of which play a part in the Admissions Committee's decisions.

2.4 Harvard states that each admission case is different. Harvard seeks to enroll well-rounded students as well as a well-rounded first-year class. Thus, some students distinguish themselves for admission due to their unusual academic promise through experience or achievements in study or research. Other students present compelling cases because they are more "well rounded" - they have contributed in many different ways to their schools or communities. Still other successful applicants are "well lopsided," with demonstrated excellence in one particular endeavor - academic, extracurricular or otherwise. Some students bring perspectives formed by unusual personal circumstances or experiences. Like all colleges, Harvard seeks to admit the most interesting, able and diverse class possible.

2.5 Harvard says that it has worked hard for many years to learn about schools around the world. Harvard's careful study of different schools, curricula and educational systems benefits, too, from information Harvard receives directly each year from schools, extensive personal communication with school personnel and the interview reports Harvard receives from its alumni/ae, who meet thousands of applicants to the College each year. Harvard states that it can always learn more, so Harvard welcomes information students think might be helpful to the Admissions Committee in understanding their accomplishments in their school communities.

2.6 Harvard says that it considers non-required test scores and that they value predicted A-level and IB results along with any information that helps form a complete picture of an applicant's academic interests and strengths. HOWEVER, RESULTS FROM THESE EXAMINATIONS CANNOT SUBSTITUTE FOR HARVARD'S REQUIRED ADMISSIONS TESTING. ALL APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT THE RESULTS OF THE SAT I or ACT AS WELL AS THREE SAT II SUBJECT TESTS.

2.7 Letters of recommendation from teachers who know the applicant well and who have taught him or her in academic subjects (preferably in the final two years of secondary school) most often provide Harvard the most valuable testimony. Teachers should tell Harvard about a candidate's significant non-academic interests and personal qualities, as well as academic potential.

2.8 Harvard says that most applications are read by two or more members of the Admissions Committee, and are considered very carefully in a series of committee meetings where a majority vote is required for admission. The entire process requires several months.


3.0 Harvard says that more than two-thirds of Harvard undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. All Harvard-administered financial aid is said to be given on the basis of need as determined by the Financial Aid Office, using need analysis to determine the expected parent and student contributions. All interested students are encouraged to apply for admission regardless of their family's financial situation. The Financial Aid Office will tell you what aid is available and only then will you really know what it will cost to attend Harvard.

3.1 Proper documentation of a great number of items is necessary when requesting Financial Aid.

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Q: What are the undergraduate entrance requirements for Harvard University?
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