What are the underwater valleys called?

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What are underwater valleys called?

deep sea canyons

How do valleys and trenches differ?

They are both giant holes in the ground. Trenches are found underwater and valleys are found on land.

What are the valleys under the ocean called?

Rift Valleys

What is the name given to the valleys that form underwater where subduction is taking place?

This is known as an oceanic trench.

What are underwater mountains called?

Underwater mountains are sometimes called "seamounts."

What is an underwater volcano called?

An underwater volcano is called a submarine volcano.

How many valleys are there in Scotland?

None. Valleys are called glens in Scotland.

What is an underwater tornado called?

There is no such thing as an underwater tornado. An underwater vortex is a whirlpool.

Long narrow coastal valleys carved out by glaciers are called?

glaciated valleys

What is an underwater fart called?

An underwater bubble blower.

What are the Long deep valleys formed by movement of the earth's crust called?

rift valleys

What are valleys under the ocean called?

They are called trenches.

What is an underwater avalanche is called?

an underwater avalanche is a earth quake

What are valleys called in Scotland?


What are smaller glacial valleys that join the deeper main valley?

They are called hanging valleys. The smaller glacier valleys are the hanging walls that join the deeper main valley called the U-shaped valley.

What are cigar shaped depressions on the moon called?

they are called valleys

What are underwater island called?

Nothing...if it's underwater, it's not an island!

What are names of valleys in ny?

The valleys in New York are called towns. Like the outskirt of a city is a town.

Is there a hymn called valleys of the green?

yes there is

What are the peaks and valleys called on waves?

the frequency

What do you call an underwater bomb called?

An underwater bomb is called a 'depth charge.

Do geese swim underwater?

A group of ducks called diving ducks swim underwater. Mallards can swim underwater if threated. Geese do no underwater swimming.

Why is Maui called the Valley Isle?

The island of maui is covered with many valleys created from the underwater volcanoe when it erupted hundreds of years ago. It is called the valley island because if you were to fly over the island, the first feature you will notice are the multiple valley's covering the surface of the island. Compared to the other hawaiian islands(Kauai, Oahu, Lanai, molokai, Hawaii, etc.) Maui has the most valleys. So basically, Maui is valley island cause it is covered with valleys, though some are too small to be officially called a valley.

Are all of earths features such as mountains and valleys are found on dry land?

No, all of them aren't found on dry land, some are found underwater

What are underwater tornadoes?

There is no such thing as an actual tornado underwater, as a tornado is, by definition, a vortex of air. However, a vortex underwater is called a whirlpool.