What are the used car lemon law Illinois?

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While there is no State Lemon Law in Illinois for used cars, there is a federal lemon law that provides protection to consumers who buy used cars. More specifically, in 1975, the United States Congress enacted the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which has come to be known as the federal "Lemon Law."

This law provides that if a warrantor of a consumer product fails to comply with the obligations of its warranty, i.e. repair a defect in the product, that the consumer may bring a claim against the warrantor seeking damages and attorneys' fees.
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Can you return a used car that you purchased in Illinois?

Once you buy a car it's your's. Problems and all. Unless you had a warranty. Then only the problems may be covered for repair. But, you cannot return the car. If you buy a car "as is" the dealer has no responsibility what so ever for the cars condition once you sign the papers. He may want to treat ( Full Answer )

What is the lemon law?

Lemon law is the law that protects the consumer when purchasing anew or used vehicle that is still under the manufacturers'warranty. Not all the states have lemon law so do check with yourstate to see if lemon law is available.

What is lemon law?

The term "Lemon Law" is usually applied to the area of automobiles, altho many states include other products under that category. i.e.- If you buy a brand new "big ticket" item that is, all-in-all, a complicated piece of machinery (auto - refrigerator - etc) and it fails to work or work properly, yo ( Full Answer )

What are the lemon laws regarding purchasing a used car as is?

hi, my name is latoya Stewart and i got car from salinas auto sales2 three weeks ago and it was in NorthCarolina the sales man didn't tell me anything about getting my car inspected i heared it from so one else talking so i asked him about it about waiting about 40mins he acted like he didnt see me ( Full Answer )

Do you pay taxes on settlement for lemon law settlement on a car?

I tried to find the answer to this question, too. After asking many friends, and googling for hours, I gave up - couldn't get a definite answer. Can anybody help?. Answer: . You will have to sign a W-9 for the settlement (or your attorney may sign it on your behalf). It is likely that a good a ( Full Answer )

What does lemon law say about returning a new car you bought?

There are so many options and variables needed to answer this question. Try the link from consumer affairs to the lower left concerning lemon laws. If you think you have a good case, mention this to the people who you bought the car from or consult legal advice. Good Luck!. Be very careful--it is a ( Full Answer )

Laws for used cars?

Laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Laws for used cars depend on what country you live in. For example, if you live in Europe, it is likely there is a European Directive on Used Cars. If you live in a country with poor environmental protection policies, then such laws are less likely.

Can you start a used car business from home in Illinois?

One of the ways to start a used car business from home in Illinoisis to start off with three or less cars. Someone can also sell thecars on behalf of a person who keeps the cars elsewhere until aninterested customer is found.

What is the Lemon Car law in Florida?

The Lemon Car law in Florida applies to new cars and it covers anydefects that can affect the operation of a car. Any such defectmust be reported with 2 years after purchase to be covered by theLemon Car law.

Is there a buyers remorse law for new cars in Illinois?

According to http://blog.laborlawtalk.com/2006/12/05/illinois-buyers-remorse-laws/ the answer is no. Three day laws only apply to "a few specific types of purchases, including door-to-door sales, hearing aids, buyer's club memberships, home repair services and health club memberships." Bummer.

What is the law for returning a used car in Pennsylvania?

There is no such law, you cannot return a used vehicle in PA. There is one exception, and it is where a salesman contacts you directly at home when you have not asked him to. In that instance, you have 3 days.

Can you use lemon law in this condition?

the case is :. If u got a brand new infiniti ex35 3 months ago, and the car already got a problem about a adjust button. After the day u bought it, and u sent it back and had it repaired. And then 3 months later, means now, the car got another problem, and this time it is about airbag.

Buyers remorse laws on used cars?

\nThere is none. The Buyer's Remorse laws or cooling Off Period Laws, in every state only apply to unsolicited purchases. These laws do not apply to the purchase of a new or used automobile. If you purchased a used car with a warranty that is what you have to fall back on. If you purchased it "As Is ( Full Answer )

Lemon Car law Pennsylvania's what is it?

The PA Lemon Laws cover new car purchases but not used car purchases, although there are national lemon laws and consumer protection laws that do cover used car purchases in Pennsylvania. The full Pennsylvania Lemon Laws are too long to list here, but info can be found in the related links below.

What is the car seat laws in Illinois?

In Illinois the law is that any child under the age of eight yearsold must be secured in a child safety seat. Any person over eightmust be using a seat belt.

Are used cars covered under the NH lemon law?

Unfortunately, used cars are not covered under the Lemon Law, but hold on... don't get discouraged yet... If you have a manufacturer's warranty, original or extended, we can still help you under the aforementioned Magnuson Moss Act.

In Illinois do you have to pay sales tax at the dealer for a used car?

If you live and register the car in Illinois then you will pay the Illinois car dealer for the sales tax. If you live in a different state than where you bought the car the dealer might collect the sales tax if the two states have a cooperative agreement. If the states do not have an agreement yo ( Full Answer )

Car auto sales laws in Illinois?

This is the general ones, the DMV in your local area can better help you.. The Anti-Theft Laws of the Illinois Vehicle Code The Certificate of Title Laws of the Illinois Vehicle Code The Offenses against Registration and Certificates of Title Laws of the Illinois Vehicle Code The Dealer ( Full Answer )

What are Alabama laws on returning a used car?

What is the law on returning a used car that is a lemon. You cannot return a car unless it qualifies under your states lemon law and that only applies to new cars. The Alabama lemon laws can be found in Title 8, chapter 20A of the code of Alabama. There are 6 sections. It is imperative that you ke ( Full Answer )

Are used cars covered under lemon laws?

Lemon law is a question of state law. So any specific answer would be found in your state statutes. Generally however lemon laws cover both new ans used vehicles.

Is there a new law in the state of WV stating if you purchase a used car from an individual and the title does not say sold as is do they have 30 days to refund you your money if the car is a lemon?

The lemon law covers vehicles while they are still under warranty. It does not apply to this case. Unfortunately, the only recourse you may have is small claims court. You would have to reasonably prove the seller knew of major problems with the car and deliberately hid them from the purchaser.

Is there a law in Illinois regulating how far in front of a curb mailbox a car must park?

Question isn't clear enough. Are you asking about a roadside collection box or a rural-type delivery box. In the first case - the local municipality will undoubtedly have a regulation keeping it clear enough for a vehicle to pull up to it. In the latter case - Postal Regulations do not require a ( Full Answer )

Does a certified preowned car fall under lemon car laws?

If you plan to buy a used car, buy from a reputable dealer. If you purchase one from a new car dealership, the car will likely come with either the balance of the original manufacturer's warranty, or a second warranty backed up by the manufacturer and the dealer. It costs more to buy a used car ( Full Answer )

What are the US laws on child car seats?

Your child must be at least 60lbs to not be in a car seat and 70 pounds to be in the front seat. under age 7,must be in car seat

Is there a lemon law for all used cars?

Yes, there is a lemon law for used cars if you receive a written waranty with the purchase of the vehicle. Also, some states have a law that is for consumer protection.

What is the lemon law and how is it used?

The lemon law is a law protecting car buyers from used car purchases. If a vehicle is not as reliable as it is represented, the buyer has certain legal rights to pursue if they choose to do so.

What is the law for returning a purchased car in Illinois?

If the car is on a loan, you can return the car to the creditor that has granted you a loan on it. If you have paid off the car or bought the car paid off then you can't return the car to the dealership or owner unless it states you are allowed to do so. I tried returning a car that I paid off an ( Full Answer )

Does Ut have a lemon law that covers used vehicles?

PAYDAY LOANS STINK! The political cmailte is changing and their end is near. Their store fronts are becoming more and more dangerous places to work. Their disgruntled clients are getting smarter, banding together and learning how to fight back. Payday Loan companies offered some valuable service to ( Full Answer )

What does it mean by saying that its a lemon law for used cars?

Lemon Law was put into effect as a means to protect buyers from deceptive sellers, when purchasing a used vehicle. If a seller knowingly withholds information that would deter a buyer from purchasing a vehicle, and it is later proven, the buyer can than sue the seller for fraud.

What is the car lemon law for?

The car lemon law was put into effect in order to help protect consumers. Lemon laws exist so that a car dealership may not knowingly sell a car to a consumer that has known issues without first telling the customer about them.

How do laws generally define a lemon car?

A car referred to as a "lemon" is a car that has severe production flaws from the manufacturer. In other words, it is delivered to the customer with clear problems that should not be there. "Lemons" often have manufacturing errors that are either very expensive to correct, or almost impossible to co ( Full Answer )

What exactly are lemon law cars?

The term Lemon Law concerning cars is that if your car turns out to be a bad purchase and not run very well it is a lemon and in most countries you are entitled to a refund or replacement.

Does Canada have the new car lemon law?

Canada has a new car lemon law that is similar to those in the United States. The Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan protects consumers from the hassles of buying a vehicle that doesn't work properly. Through the plan, arbitrators work to find a common ground between dealers and consumers who ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of lemon law in reference to a car?

As great as technology is, and as helpful as it can be, it oftentimes is troublesome if someone receives what is known as a "lemon." What this means is that a product is defective and requires many fixes within a short time frame. The same holds true for automobiles. States hold lemon laws in reg ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of lemon laws dealing with cars?

Lemon laws are called that because a poorly-built car with numerous mechanical problems is referred to as a 'lemon.' Lemon laws prevent unscrupulous dealers from masking problems and fully disclosing information.