What are the uses of cockroach?

First off, you can block drains with it, scare small chidren, feed it unwanted food, use as food source, play catch with your buddies, go on long walks with the cockroach and talk about politics. I am writing this from Rajajinagar, Bangalore, India. Eight months ago I just purchased a cocroach repellent paying Rs. 40 (just 70 cents) a packet, mixed the flour with less than half a cup water, made a paste and smeared it in the kitchen, underneath shelves, near micowave, inside micro wave, and all other places cocoroaches were common and of different sizes. Believe me till now I have not been able to trace a single cocroach at home in my kitchen. I understand that this actually repells cocroaches which just vanish within 15 days and you will not have the cocroach problem for at least an year. The advt says there is no chemical involved, there is no risk to human being, there is no health hazard and is eco friendly. I do not know who makes this, because there is no address on the carton. But there is just one thing which says COCROACH VANISHER, HERBAL, image marketing, Bangalore 560010. Else there is no other address or phone number. Any way the truth is that as a user I found that in my kitchen the cocroaches have vanished since eight months!