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Primarily to use in combination with other keys to make keyboard shortcuts. Like Ctrl+C means 'copy' in Windows.

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Q: What are the uses of control keys in the keyboard?
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How many control keys are there in a keyboard?

At a usual keyboard there are 2 control keys.

How many cursor control keys are there on the keyboard?

4 cursor control keys are there .←↑→↓

What are the five parts of keyboard?

There are more than five parts of the keyboard. Four parts of the keyboard are the typing keys, the numeric keypad, function keys, and control keys. The last part of the keyboard is the extra keys.

Parts of keyboard and its uses?

They keys and they are used to type

What are the five parts of the keyboard?

Based on the function, the computer keyboard are grouped into five parts. They are function keys, control Keys, number keys, typing keys and movement keys.

Give the parts of the keyboard?

A computer keyboard has four key parts. The four keyboard parts are: the typing area, the numeric pad, the function keys, and the cursor control keys.

What keys on the keyboard were once used to control movement of game characters?

W, A, S, and D keys

How many keys are on a multimedia keyboard?

There is no set number of keys for a multimedia keyboard. In addition to the standard 104 keys of a modern keyboard designed for Windows, there are also keys or buttons used to control various functions, such as volume control, muting, playback control (pause, play, stop, and skip), and possibly some buttons to launch other applications, like a web browser.

How many keys are there in the keyboard?

104 keys in the keyboard

What is a computer input device that uses a set of keys to put data in the computer?

A keyboard !

How may keys are there in a keyboard?

104 keys r there in a keyboard

What is a comuter keyboard?

In computing, a keyboard is an input device, partially modeled after the typewriter keyboard, which uses an arrangement of buttons or keys, which act as electronic switches.

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