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Q: What are the virtues of leadership on nstp?
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What are the release dates for Adventures from the Book of Virtues - 1996 Leadership 2-9?

Adventures from the Book of Virtues - 1996 Leadership 2-9 was released on: USA: 12 April 1998

What are the guidind principles of the nstp?

The National Service Training Program (NSTP) in the Philippines is guided by the principles of service, citizenship, and leadership. It aims to develop the students' commitment to serve the community, enhance their sense of responsibility as citizens, and cultivate their leadership skills through various civic activities and programs.

What is the four core values of NSTP?

The four core values of NSTP (National Service Training Program) are love of country, integrity, leadership, and service to the community. These values aim to instill in students a sense of responsibility, patriotism, and civic-mindedness.

What are the 10 virtues of nstp?

1. Prudence 2. Justice 3. Fortitude 4. Temperance 5. Loyalty 6. Responsibility 7. Industry 8. Cheerfulness 9. Generosity 10. Magnanimity

What is the importance of NSTP to the students?

what is nstp?

Aim of nstp?

NSTP aims to

What is the origin of nstp?

Faq the nstp

What is the difference of NSTP 1 from NSTP 2?

In NSTP-CWTS 1, it is more on lecture while in nstp-cwts 2, it is more on application of what you learned on nstp 1. During nstp-cwts2, you will make a project proposal to be implemented during nstp2....

What is nsp in nstp?

meaning of NSP in NSTP

What is the virtues of andress bonifacio?

Andres Bonifacio is known for his virtues of bravery, determination, and selflessness. He played a significant role in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonization, demonstrating great courage and leadership in the fight for independence. Bonifacio also embodied the virtues of humility and sacrifice, putting the needs of his countrymen above his own.

What is the main object of nstp?

What is the main objectives of nstp

Who is responsible in supervising the nstp student?

is responsible in supervising the nstp students