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One visual centre of the brain I know of is called the Visiospatial Sketchpad. This is where the brain is responsible for the temporary storage of visual and spatial information before being stored in your long term memory.

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Q: What are the visual centers of the brain called?
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What is the secion of the brain that contains the visual centers of the brain?

occipital lobe

What is the section of the brain located at the rear and bottom of the each cerebral hemisphere and contains the visual centers of the brain?


What is the name of one of the dorsal parts of the mid brain containing the primary visual centers?

optic lobe

Where are higher centers in the brain located at?

The higher centers in the brain are located in the cerebrum.

What part of the brain processes visual information?

The visual cortex processes visual information in the brain. This part is present in occipital lobe.

What is the use of ultrasound imaging to create a visual image of the brain for diagnostic purposes called?


Do both animals and humans have reward centers in the brain?

Both animals and humans do have reward centers in the brain. Both humans and animals feel happy or pleasure when the reward centers of the brain are stimulated.

What part of your brain is deals with self confidence?

Neuroscience has not been able to pinpoint exact what part of the brain controls self-confidence. Although the pleasure centers that are felt by most confident people are associated with the neo-cortex and the visual cortex.

Where is the motor cortex in the brain?

Both the cerebellum and the basal nuclei (also called the basal ganglia) are the pre-command centers of the brain.

What are the control centers in the brain?

The brain is the 'control center' of the body.

Which part of the brain contains reflex centers for vision and audition?

The occipital lobe is responsible for mostly registering visual memories and images because it is in the back of the brain. The temporal lobe mostly retains audible memories and is also responsible for triggering and registering sound. the temporal lobe of the brain is near the ear area.

Name the lobe that is the primary visual area?

The name of the lobe of the cerebral cortex that is primarily responsible for the visual area is called the occipital lobe. It is the visual processing center part of the brain.