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The cats in the Warriors series live in six Clans, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan, SkyClan, and StarClan. StarClan is for all the good warriors that have worked hard to be loyal and died. The bad warriors go to the Dark Forest, which is the opposite of StarClan. StarClan guides the four Clans. Each Clan has it's own social hierarchy and a leader with nine lives.When the leader dies the deputy becomes leader.

Some cats are Loners, which means they do not own any territory and hunt by themselves and are not hostile. Rogues, however, though very similar to Loners are very aggressive about protecting their own territory.

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Q: What are the warrior cats in the Warriors series?
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What is the difference between Warrior Cats and Warriors?

The term "Warrior Cats" is often used to refer to the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter, even though the series is actually titled "Warriors". This is because there are many books and resources about Warriors in general (human warriors), but only one so far about warrior cats. Within the warriors series, "Warrior Cats" and "Warriors" both refer to the cats who defend their clans from danger, hunting and even fighting when necessary.

Are there cats in the warriors series?

Yes, cats are the main species of the whole series. That's why it is called Warrior Cats. ;)

What is Warrior Cats about on DeviantARTcom?

"Warrior Cats" drawings on DeviantArt are created by fans of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.

Where is the retired warrior?

In the Warrior Cats series, retired warriors are called elders, and they live in the elders' den.

When is the warrior cats movie coming out?

There is not one, but there is a Warriors series! Where you watch it is what I can't tell you.

Who made warrior cats?

Erin Hunter is the author who wrote the Warriors series.

What is summer called in Warrior Cats?

Summer in the warriors series is called Greenleaf

What is Warriors Omen of the Stars?

Warriors: Omen of the Stars, is the title of the fourth series of warriors.

Are there any rose-cream coloured cats in the Warriors series?

yes there are rose-creamed colored cats in the warrior series.

What is the first book of the first series to the warriors?

The first book of the first series of warrior cats is Into the wild.

What aren't medicine cats allowed to have that warrior cats are allowed to have in the warriors series?

Medicine cats cannot have mates or kits. They must see everyone in the Clan(and other Clans) equally.

Who invented warrior cats?

No one "invented" the warriors series, but Erin hunter is the author of the series, as well as seekers.

What is Hollypaw's warrior name in the Warriors series?

Hollypaw's warrior name is Hollyleaf in the Warriors series.

Will there be another series of warrior cats?

Yes, the Erins have confirmed that they will make a new Warriors series called A New Reign.

How many people like warrior cats?

Many people enjoy the Warriors Series.

What are the cats that joined Starclan?

In the warriors series, the cats that join Starclan are those who die and have followed the warrior code, and served their clan faithfully.

What are cats called in the book 'Warriors'?

In Erin Hunter's Warriors series warriors cats call house cats kittypets (pronounced kittie-pets).Also Clan cats can be called Medicine Cats, Warriors, Apprentices, Kits, Elders, Queens, Deputy, and/or Leaders. It depends what they do.ex. Bluestar is/was a leader. Leafpool is/was Medicine cat. Graystripe is a warrior.

Will there be a warrior cats the movie?

No there will not be a production of the Warriors.

Is there warrior cat video game in stores?

No. The Warriors are a book series involving cats that will not be turned into a video game.

Will there be a Warrior cats movie based on the hit series by Erin Hunter and what are the actors playing what character?

There are currently no plans for any movies of the Warriors series.

What is the 2 book of the4th series in warrior cats books?

The 2nd book in the fourth Warriors series (Omen of the Stars) is called Fading Echoes.

Which cats die in the warrior series and how do they die?

That is a little too vague to answer--but you can find out a little bit more on "Warriors Book Series"

How long is Warrior the Movie 2011?

If you are talking about the Warriors cats series (the one with Firepaw), there have been no confirmed movie plans.

Is there warrior cats movie?

No,there are no plans for a warriors movie.

Will there be a warrior cats move?

There are no planned warriors movies.