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global warming

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Q: What are the ways to control pollution so it did not effect the greenhouse?
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Ways to control greenhouse effect pollution?

The greenhouse effect may be controlled by various ways like using less fossil fuels, avoiding plastic, etc.

What are ways to decrease the greenhouse effect?

There are some solutions. We have to decrease Emission of CO2.

Why would you prevent the greenhouse effect?

There are many ways in which you can help prevent the greenhouse effect. One way is to stop wasteful spending. Don't buy anything unless you absolutely need it.

Which planet is affected the most by the greenhouse effect?

Venus. Similar to Earth in many ways, a runaway greenhouse effect is thought responsible for its 900°F (480°C) surface temperature.

What are the effective ways to control nuclear pollution?

Don't use it.. period

What are the Solutions on environmental pollution?

People try to control pollution in a few ways. Some of these ways would be to put filters on factories and cars, not dump waste, and recycle.

What are ways in which one can prevent air pollution. Identify four factors that determine climate.?

what are some examples of harmful greenhouse gasses

What are the problems of using coal?

Burning coal causes pollution in several ways. It releases carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. The enhanced greenhouse effect is causing global warming. Other pollutants from burning coal cause acid rain which weathers away rock, especially marble and limestone.

What are some ways to control pollution?

By not driving your car if you have to. By checking your engine for poisonous gases

In what ways is it harmful to use the coal?

burning coal releases "greenhouse gases" which can be toxic and effect the environment

What are the ways to control air pollution?

There are several ways to control air pollution. One way is to use public transportation or carpool with others to reduce emissions from cars. Another way is to reduce power consumption by limiting use of the air conditioning.

Do global warming and the greenhouse effect have anything to do with each other?

Yes; for one thing, the Greenhouse Effect is but just one type of a Source of the Causes of Global Warming. Yes; and for another, Each is interdependent with the Other in many ways.

What are some ways to prevent global environmental problems?

Pollution control is one of the best ways to prevent global environmental problems.

What are the two ways that deforestation adds to the greenhouse effect?

Carbon is both re-introduced and not re-taken up.

How do you control water pollution in river?

Water pollution prevention and control measures are critical to improving water quality and reducing the need for costly wastewater and drinking water treatment. Water pollution can be controlled in the multiple ways. It is best controlled by the dilution of water.

What causes ozone depletion occur?

Ozone depletion could occur in many ways. The natural way is the greenhouse effect.

How may raising livestock be worsening the greenhouse effect?

Raising livestock, especially cattle, may be worsening the greenhouse effect because of the amount of methane that cattle belch out. Methane is a greenhouse that is 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide. Scientists are looking for ways to change cattle food that will reduce the amount of methane produced.

What three ways do pollution effect people?

It pretty much kills us slowly. It harms our air and water.

What are citizens role in controlling air pollution?

The citizens role in controlling air pollution is the biggest one. Citizens can control air pollution by coming up with more environmentally friendly ways to product products and get to work.

How does the enhanced greenhouse effect help us?

Greenhouse effect helps us in the following ways; -concerning with agriculture supports plant growth which in turn comes our food we take. Not only food alone but new varieties have come into place due to greenhouse effect. -not forgetting job opportunities that it has created in form of people try to learn more about climate change and its effects.

What is the examples of ways of controlling or preventing harmful effect of human activities to the environment?

The examples of the ways of controlling or preventing harmful effects of human activities to the environment are: Disease Control Program Proper Hygiene Proper Disposal Planting Trees Pollution Control Recycling

What are some ways to control air pollution?

Air polution is a major problem in society in this age. However, there are ways to prevent it. An easy way to prevent it is to buy an eco-friendly car.

Ways to control air pollution?

wind power solar power telecommuting teleconferencing

What are 5 ways in which Air pollution impacts on community?

Air pollution impacts a community in many ways. Air pollution is a health hazard. Air pollution soils buildings. Air pollution negatively impacts tourism. Air pollution causes premature death of plant life. Air pollution also causes aging of buildings and structures.

How does the greenhouse affect help us?

Greenhouse in some ways affects us for good. It maintains the temperature of earth.