What are the weirdest laws?

Updated: 3/22/2024
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Jordane Bergnaum

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The link will bring you to a list of very strange 'laws' indeed. It is admitted at the top of the list that the supposed laws have not been verified officially. I suspect many are completely untrue. Usually, when a law seems weird or strange, it is because of the age of the law; when written it probably made perfect sense to the citizens and to the people who wrote it. Many of the centuries old laws in places like England/United Kingdom can seem very strange indeed; some are based on the right of the sovereign to claim various items or privileges in situations when it would never occur to us that anyone but the apparent owner should have such rights. Don't assume that any 'laws' here or in the links are legitimate until you research them yourself.

Here are two apparently true 'weird' laws from the Strange Laws 02 link:

  1. Whales are the property of the monarch: This one's true! See, here's the law, 17 Edw. II c. 11
  2. Illegal to wear armour in Parliament: This one's true! A Statute forbidding Bearing of Armour (1313)
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Scarlett Bashirian

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Some of the weirdest laws include: in Australia, it is illegal to dress up like Batman in Melbourne; in Thailand, stepping on money with the king's face on it is illegal; and in the US state of Alabama, it is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket.

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Q: What are the weirdest laws?
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