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mirage island mirage island mirage island mirage island

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Q: What are the wonder cards in Pokemon Emerald?
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How come when you click mystery gift there is only Wonder news and wonder cards in Pokemon Emerald?

Because there is!

What is wonder cards in Pokemon?

Wonder cards are something you get after a Pokemon event. They tell you the event, day, month and year.

Where is wonder card in Pokemon emerald?

in mirage island

Pokemon diamond What are wonder cards?

Im not sure if you ment 'wonder cards' or 'wonder guards', but a wonder guard is when Pokemon can only get hit with super efffective moves such as sheer cold.

How do you get Wondercards in Pokemon Platinum?

to get Wonder cards in Pokemon platinum, you have to receive an event item or Pokemon. you cannot have more than 3 wonder cards at 1 time.

How can one get a Pokemon Emerald?

A pokemon emerald is considered one of the more difficult cards to collect in pokemon and is sometimes available on ebay or other cards trading sites.

How can you get more wonder cards in Pokemon black to get more Pokemon by pr esent?

you have to to obtain the Pokemon and delete the wonder card

Why are there only Wonder Cards and Wonder News but no Wonder Gifts in Pokemon FireRed?

The two Mystery Gift options can only be used by hooking up to a machine at a Pokemon event. There is no such thing as a Wonder Gift - there is only Wonder News and Wonder Cards.

How do you get wonder cards in pokemon soulsilver?

Mystery Gift.

What does ex mean on Pokemon cards?

Ex is the series of Pokemon cards that primarily deal with Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

How do you get the wonder cards in Pokemon Pearl?

you need to go to a event which gives either a Pokemon or a item then you get a wonder card

How do you unlock the wonder news on Pokemon emerald?

By mixing records with a friend.

How do you get wonder cards if you have the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?


What are wonder cards in Pokemon?

You are able to get them online to obtain Darkrai.

How do you catch wonder cards in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot, for there is no need of one.

How does the Pokemon diamond mystery gift work?

you use wonder cards

How do you get wonder cards on Pokemon HeartGold?

There are several different events Nintendo holds where they give out free rare Pokemon, items, etc. on Wonder Cards. Check Pokemon websites like Bulbapedia for dates on when these events are held. :)

Where to catch luggia in Pokemon firered version?

That is impossable. If you want lugia you need the wonder pass in Pokemon Emerald Version, which you get at wonder spots. No need to thank me[:-)

How do you get a Wonder Card without owning Battle Revolution?

Wonder cards are slots of information that tell you when you get a "special" Pokemon. This is, basically, Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution, or Pokemon from Nintendo Events.

How does the Pokemon diamond mystery gift work when it loads?

you need wonder cards

If you delete the Pokemon pletinum save data will the wonder cards get delete?


What are 'wonder spots' in Pokemon Emerald?

During a Nintendo event Nintendo gives out mystery gifts if you bring your Pokemon emerald to the event with a wireless adapter and Nintendo is giving out a gift emerald can receive you can go to a wonder spot and choose mystery gift on your emerald to receive the special gift. But all Nintendo events for emerald have long since passed.

How do you get wonder cards in pokemon black?

When an event is on you must download the event through mystery gift snd the little card detailing the pokemon is the wonder card.

How do you erase wonder cards?

You trade the Pokemon from the wonder card to a different game then you go back to the menu go to mystery gift click on wonder cards press a on the one you want to delete then select delete.

How do you send Wonder Cards in Pokemon Platinum?

You can only send Wonder Cards over to another game if they're programmed to be sent over otherwise you can't send them over.