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The words under the Lincoln Memorial (which appear on the penny coin) are "one cent"

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What words are below the Lincoln memorial?


When did the Lincoln Memorial become a symbol?

Refer to the link attached below.

What is the name for the Lincoln memorial?

The Lincoln Memorial.

What does the Lincoln memorial resemble?

The Lincoln Memorial resembles Abraham Lincoln.

What is the height of the Lincoln Memorial?

The height of the Lincoln memorial is 99 feet. the height of the Lincoln memorial is 99 feet.

For What person was the Lincoln Memorial named?

The Lincoln Memorial was named for Abraham Lincoln

Is Lincoln memorial a national monument?

The Lincoln Memorial was made a national memorial in 1911.

When was Lincoln Memorial created?

Lincoln Memorial was created in 1922.

Are Other Memorials Near The Lincoln Memorial?

yes there is more then one memorial near the Lincoln memorial there is the Jefferson memorial;)

Is Abraham Lincoln in the middle of the Lincoln Memorial?

A statue of Lincoln can be found at the Memorial, but Lincoln himself is buried in Illinois.

Who is the sculptor of the Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial?

Daniel Chester French was the sculptor of the Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial.

Where is The Lincoln Memorial located?

The Lincoln Memorial is located in Washington D.C. On the western end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., The Lincoln Memorial is across from The Washington Monument. The Lincoln Memorial features a giant replica of Lincoln, seated.

Who made the Lincoln memorial?

Daniel Chester made the Lincoln Memorial

How many rooms does the Lincoln Memorial have?

the Lincoln memorial has three rooms.

What was built first the Washington monument or the Lincoln memorial?

Lincoln memorial

Is there a memorial for Abraham Lincoln?

Yes, the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C

Is there a treasure in the Lincoln Memorial?

people do belive their is treasure in the lincoln memorial.

What does the Lincoln memorial symbolize?

the Lincoln memorial symbolizes the memory of how Abraham Lincoln changed america.

When was the Lincoln Memorial finished?

Construction on the Lincoln Memorial started in 1914 and the memorial was completed in May 1922.

Why does the US have the Lincoln memorial?

because Lincoln was one of our best presidents and we wanted to honor him with the Lincoln memorial

Is the Lincoln Memorial located in Virginia?

No, the Lincoln Memorial is located in Washington D.C.

When was Lincoln Memorial University created?

Lincoln Memorial University was created in 1897.

When did the Lincoln Memorial open?

The Lincoln Memorial opened on May 30, 1922.

What is the differences between the Parthenon and the Lincoln memorial?

The Parthenon is on a hill, the Lincoln Memorial is not.

When was Lincoln Memorial Tower created?

Lincoln Memorial Tower was created in 1876.