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1) Wilis Tower. Chicago. 1,451ft. 110 floors. Completed in 1974.

2) Empire State Building. New York City. 1,250ft. 102 floors. Completed in 1931.

3) Trump International Hotel. Chicago. 1,389ft. 98 floors. Completed in 2009.

4) Bank of America Tower. New York City. 1,200ft. 54 floors. Completed in 2009.

5) Aon Center. Chicago. 1,136ft. 83 floors. Completed in 1973.

6) John Hancock Center. Chicago. 1,127ft. 100 floors. Completed in 1969.

7) Chrysler Building. New York City. 1,046ft. 77 floors. Completed in 1930.

8) New York Times Building. New York City. 1,046ft. 52 floors. Completed in 2007.

9) Bank of America Plaza. Atlanta. 1,023ft. 55 floors. Completed in 1992.

10) US Bank Tower. Los Angeles. 1,018ft. 73 floors. Completed in 1989.

However, in 2013, One World Trade Center tower will become the highest building in the US upon it's completion in New York City. It's planned to be 1,776ft with 105 floors.

Two World Trade Center tower will be 1,349ft upon completion in 2015.

Three World Trade Center tower will be 1,171ft upon completion in 2014.

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Q: What are the world's 100 tallest towers?
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