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You need to be more specific, you mean bumps on top (dermal) which would be a type of skin condition or lumps internally that you can feel. Rephrase and someone can help you.

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2011-03-25 21:45:08
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Q: What are these bumps on your breasts?
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Bumps on breasts?

You should have them checked by a doctor.

Do you get bumps in your breasts?

yes put it is natural it happens to most girls

Why are there bumps on your breasts?

If you are referring to abnormal bumps on the breasts, it can be anything from a fatty cyst, to a sign of breast cancer, so it may be important to go for a mammogram. If you are thinking of the bumps on the areola (surrounding the nipple), they are actually raised "sebaceous glands", which provide lubrication during breastfeeding in females.

I have white nipple discharge sometimes goose-bumps around the skin of my breasts and tender breasts and I am 13 Is it breast cancer?

sounds like your pregnant...

Is it normal to have pimple like bumps on your breasts?

yes, but if you are worried ask your mum or get your doctor to check it out for you.

You feel bumps on your breasts do you have cancer?

Not necessarily but it is something that the doctor should examine at your earliest opportunity.

What does it mean when you have weird small bumps under your breasts?

let me have a feel an I'll refer you to a doctor?

What is the itchy red bumps that look likes mosquito bites under breast and on breast?

A few types of red bumps on the breasts can indicate a serious problem, and knowing how to differentiate between common bumps and problematic bumps is critical. Eczema is a common skin condition and common on the breasts too so if you have had eczema before and it appears the same and is on both of your breasts, it may be just another outbreak. However, if your regular eczema treatments (if you use any) don't clear it up soon, it is safer to have it checked by the doctor.

Are you breasts developing if you have two very small bumps underneath my sister says these are breast buds?

Your sister is correct. Whether you are a boy or a girl you will develope these "bumps" at the onset of puberty, but the hormonal differences between male and female will cause breasts to develope in the female only. In the case of the male, the bumps will disappear after a time (don't worry, the boys have their problems too!). The bumps might be very sensitive and sore to touch...this is normal.

What are the bumps on a teenage girl called?

It depends on what bumps you are asking about. Bumps on a teen age girl could be a wide variety of things, including pimples, breasts, skin cysts, tumors, goose bumps, bug bite reaction, allergy reaction, or a lump on the body caused by a blow/hit.

Are painful breasts with white bumps on the nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Yes it can be, but you can also get these sypmtoms when your period is due or you ovulate!

When you have breast cancer are the bumps around your breasts or near the nipple?

It is usually found at the anterior part of the breast. (mostly)

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