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What is a direct result of the beginning of agriculture?

Agriculture resulted in settlements/villages and the growth of populations around them.

In the past few decades advancements in and fewer barriers to trade have resulted in increased globalization?


What change resulted in the building of Europe megaliths?

A shift to agriculture

How enclosure and crop rotation paved away for an agricultural revolution?

To improve yields, the wealthy landowners began cultivating enclosures with advanced farming methods. Small farmers became tenant farmers or moved to the cities. The Seed Drill, Crop Rotation, and Selective Breeding all became parts of agriculture. This resulted in improved living conditions, swelled populations, and large enclosed farms took over.

What was the importance of agriculture?

Agriculture provides food for the population. Lack of food resulted in periods of famine and decline in the population. The good functioning of agriculture and food surpluses affected population growth.

How was Ukraine affected by Stalin's collectivization of agriculture?

As a result of Stalin's collectivization of agriculture, Ukraine's population faced massive starvation which resulted in millions of deaths.

What change resulted in the building of European megaliths?

A shift away from hunting-gathering to fixed agriculture.

How did you evolve from wolf to poodle?

When I was a wolf, I used to hunt for my own food, and I never really knew how successful I would be. I later discovered that by hanging around human habitations, I would find edible garbage more reliably. Eventually the humans and I grew to like each other. After that, selective breeding resulted in poodles, my distant offspring.

What caused depressed state of agriculture during troubling economic problem in 1920s?

In the 1920s, one problematic economic issue that resulted in the depressed state of agriculture was overproduction. Another problem was falling prices.

How was Ukraine affected by Joseph Stalin's collectivization of agriculture?

The Ukraine was demolished. Its population faced massive starvation which resulted in millions of deaths.

Which mechanism is the cause of the difference in color between the wild Indian ring-necked parakeet and the domesticated Indian ring-necked parakeet?

In captivity, the domesticated Indian ring-necked parakeet has undergone a lot of selective breeding that has resulted in color patterns that aren't seen in the wild birds. Humans have bred the birds to select for different color combinations.

How do Mayan farming techniques show negative results towards health and fitness?

what resulted from the mayans food surplus,agriculture study,farming or specializing

Why are chemical fertilizers bad?

In regards to pollution, with rainfall, the chemicals can run off into near water sources. Advancements in agriculture such as the switch from organic to chemical fertilizers and introduction of pesticides and pest-resistant strains have resulted in increased yields of healthy crops. But this fertilizer affects soil for if fertilizer is being used, the soil will not be fertile and the chemicals in the crops can harm the health of consumer. It harms the planet, go with organic!

How did the development of agriculture technology such as the seed drill impact the industrial revolution in Great Britain?

It resulted more rural British workers moving to urban centers.

How does science affect society?

science affects society in many ways. For eg. in the harrapan times the 'scientists' made technological advancements in that time in the field of weaponry. This resulted in a war and that was one of the reasons the harrapan society was wiped out.

What is breeding out of wedlock?

From my understanding, and point of view, breeding out of wedlock is an old saying and it means that they reproduced or had intercourse after the wedding or wedlock and then the intercourse resulted in a child's birth. In a more lumen's term, the mom and the dad went too fast and had a baby after being married in holy matrimony

What is correct resulted in or resulted to?

Resulted in. For example, "His drinking problem resulted in his arrest."

What is history of breeding of fish?

Fish breeding is continuing from thousands of years and people did it for numerous reasons. The Sumerians kept food fish (probably eels) alive in ponds as long ago as 4,500 years. More than 1,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that the common goldfish, Carassius auratus, that they raised in ponds for food, sometimes developed offspring that were different in color. The natural goldfish is a drab olive green color. When these people noticed that a few of their fish had spots of gold color on their scales, they kept them alive rather than eat them. Sometime before the beginning of the Tang Dynasty (618 a.d.), selective breeding of these fish resulted in some pure gold-colored specimens. As time went on, additional selective breeding developed fish that had multicolored bodies, long-flowing fins, and extraordinary-looking eyes. During the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1622 a.d.), goldfish became household pets by being kept in porcelain bowls rather than outdoors in ponds. It was at this time that these goldfish were traded throughout the Far East, including Japan. The first goldfish arrived in the Western world around 1700.

What economic changes resulted from food surpluses in early agricultural villages?

People could specialize in other things that were indirectly related to agriculture, such as education, philosophy, iron-making, writing texts, etc.

What are some disadvantages of nafta to Mexico?

Most US and Canadian agriculture products are highly subsidized, and many small farmers in Mexico cannot compete with them. This has resulted in increased immigration into the cities and into the United States.

How did climate affect Egypt economy?

The climate change has affected the economy in Egypt. The climate change has resulted in a diminished water supply. The water supply is what fuels agriculture which is a driving force in the economy of Egypt.

How gardeners use science in work?

Most of the ornamental and cultivated plants have resulted by selection of superior genotypes over the years. The skill of the gardeners to have better plants for gardening have been achieved through plant breeding.

Does the camel have a healthy breeding population?

Feral camels in Central Australia have adapted so well to this arid environment that estimates range up to one million camels in the wild. Unfortunately this healthy breeding population comes at a devistating cost on the arid ecosystem - and has resulted in the critical endangerment of some already endangered flora and fauna (e.g. Desert Quondong).

A protestant reformantion resulted in?

The Protestant Reformation resulted in rivalries among west European nations. This resulted in wars between the Protestants and the Catholics.

The meeting of the heads of European states at Vienna in 1815 resulted in?

it resulted in independence