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bone meal for fertilizer

2007-09-28 11:21:04
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Q: What are three byproducts other then meat and wool that come from sheep?
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Dolly has come to be associated with what controversial new branch of science?

Cloning = Dolly is the name of the sheep that was cloned using the genes of three other sheep

What part of pig does bologna come from?

Some bologna is made of up to 15% byproducts. The byproducts can include heart, kidney, or liver for example.

Does gelatin contain animal byproducts like cow horns?

Yes,the gelatin used to make things like jello does come from animal byproducts.

Can a black sheep come from a white sheep?


Can leather come from sheep?

Leather can be made from sheep

Does Merino Wool and Lambs wool come from the same sheep?

Merino wool and lambs wool can be from sheep of the merino breed. Lambs wool can be from any other breed of wool type sheep.

Where does most of the sheep producer's income come from?

Three-fourths of the American sheep producer's income is derived from the sale of meat, whereas, in the rest of the world, wool is the primary commodity.

Where does the sheep come from?

It start of with ONE sheep, then comes out from another sheep, whitch comes from that next sheep, and carry's on!

What does female sheep mean?

Sheep are animals, they come as males and females. So a female sheep is a sheep that is female.

Does so ya milk come from sheep?

No soya milk does not come from sheep. It is made from soya beans

How did sheep come to North America?

a magician turned an man into a sheep

Did syphilis come from sheep?


Does cotton come from sheep?


What is the difference between veal and sheep meat?

The difference is veal does not come from sheep

How did syphilis come from sheep?

There's no reason to believe that syphilis comes from sheep.

How does wool come out from a sheep?

Wool is shorn from sheep with shears - it is then called a fleece

Where did Hampshire sheep come from?


Where does felt come from?

wool. from sheep

What country did sheep come from?


Which animals do wool come from?


Where does wool mainly come from?


Where does wool come fro?


How do you mark sheep?

The primary way to mark sheep is by ear tagging them. The other way is to use livestock markers that usually come in 4 colors. And they can also be collared and labeled that way.

How do you call many sheep?

Here's how..."Oh sheep! Hey there sheep! Come here sheep!" Or you can do it by name one at a time. But you'd need a roll call sheet.

Where does wool originally come from?

the wool come s from a sheep when it is sheared