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Name at least three computer programming languages?

Computer programming languages are used to create software, webpages, perform scientific calculations, and do a number of other things. Three programming languages are Java, Visual Basic, and C Sharp.

How many computer languages have there been from the first computer language to current computer languages?

Wikipedia currently lists 710 computer languages.

Difference between translated and interpreted computer languages?

difference between translated and interpreted computer languages

Why so many computer programming languages?

it is for good purposes. Some computer languages are just the same but differs in use and improvements from the earlier languages.

How do computer languages work?

Computer languages are programs that can convert desired actions into a language that the computer can understand. Essentially, the user enters the program code into the computer, then the computer converts it to a language that can then be executed by the computer.

When was International Journal of Computer Processing of Languages created?

International Journal of Computer Processing of Languages was created in 1983.

What are computer programming languages explain?

A computer programming language is a formal language designed to communicate instructions to a computer. Programming languages can be used to create programs that control the computer.

Is there a list of computer languages?


Where can programming languages be applied?

in computer

Where did the computer languages come from?

People created the different computer languages to help them solve various different types of problems on computers.

What are the three top languages in the US?

the three top languages in the world are English spanish and Chinese

What computer languages are necessary to become computer programmer?

choose one

What are three languages that are considered Germanic languages?

Small patatoe

What are the best computer programming languages?

According to several computer articles online, some useful computer programming languages include PHP, C+, AJAX, and JavaScript. Although HTML is considered quite basic, it is also still useful to understand other computer programming languages.

Name three Romance languages?

Three Romance languages coming from Latin are Romanian, Portuguese, and French.

Which computer language is an acronym of the name of the world's first computer programmer?

Ada is NOT an acronym of anything, it is an actual person's name, just like Pascal and Occam; all three are also names of high order computer languages.

What are the top three languages spoken in the US?

The top three languages in the US are English, Spanish, and American Sign Language The top three voice languages in the US are English, Spanish, French.

What was the earliest computer languages and were they Binary Code FORTRAN COBOL.?

The oldest computer language is machine code and all computer languages are binary encoded. It's unavoidable on binary machines.

Why is it important to understand computer languages?

It is not essential to understand computer languages as you can do a lot with a computer without knowing them, and most people that use computers do not understand any computer languages. However, if you want to write programs and get the computers to do more elaborate things then knowing some computer languages is important. If you can write programs then there are employment opportunities in it and if you are really good you could create a really good program and do very well out of it.

What language does a computer speak?

All languages

Are low level computer languages portable?


Why they developed languages in computer?

because..... thats what they did

What ADA and COBOL?

They are computer programming languages.

What is the aim of computer languages?

The aim of all computer languages is to make it easier for humans to create and modify machine code, the native language of the machine.

Who discovered computer language?

Computer languages were not discovered, as no computers used them before people used them. Computer languages are artificial languages invented by people to simplify control of computers.As to the inventors of the earliest computer languages they were:John Backus of IBM: FORTRAN.Grace Hopper of UNIVAC: A-0, FLOW-MATIC, COBOL.Both did their original compiler development work ca. 1954.