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names of different Computer Viruses.


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There are a few different types of computer viruses. These include email viruses, worms as well as Trojan horses. There are also boot viruses and stealth viruses.

There are various different types of computer viruses out there. For example, there are key loggers, which will log what the victim types.

There are many different types of computer viruses. there is a website that talks about different types of computer viruses in the related links section The best way to protect yourself from viruses is to install anti-virus software and keep it on at all times. Two anti-virus companies are McAfee and Norton.

picture of different types of computers

Different types of unsafe or unprotected websites or programs.

Computer viruses, Macro Viruses, and Directory Viruses

main types of computer viruses are, transient virus, resident viruus, stoned virus, time bomb, logic bomb, spoofing, trogen horce viruses, masquerading, deniel of service.

Its only depend what virus that infect your computer and also there is different kind and types of viruses out there that have different use for intrusion to our systems. think it help. joven albarida

The types of computer viruses are the virus, the worm and the Trojan horse.

computers of types different of pictures ?

trojan horse bootsector virus rootkit virus hope this website helps

All computer viruses that can run code on your computer have the potential to destroy everything or send your personal data to a hacker.

There are several different types of computer viruses, but a few include boot sector viruses, mass mailer viruses and file deleting viruses. Boot sector viruses affect the Master Boot Record in the first sector of the computer's hard drive. Mass mailer viruses replicate by emailing themselves to any email stored in an email program's contact list, and file deleting viruses delete critical system files.

There are several different types of computers including Macs and PCs. Varieties include all-in-one desktops, laptops, and netbooks. Any store that sells computers will have pictures of them in their sales ads.

AntiVirus Software | Spyware Removers | AntiSpam Software | Firewall Software | All these are the main types of anti-viruses of a computer. You can choose different type according to the specific situation of the virus on your PC.

Both types:are spread by contact with a contaminated sourcecan be blocked with defensescan be modified and weaponisedcan go away after a time if certain measures are takencan kill whatever they infectcan change over timecan be costlyDifferences:computer viruses only work in a computer hostbiological viruses only work in a biological hostbiological viruses can spontaneously mutatecomputer viruses are createdbiological viruses are far more complex

Computer viruses, like many other types of virus, travel through the air and are highly contagious

Different Operating Systems get infected by different viruses. You can run different operating systems on the same hardware.

file viruses boot sector viruses time bomb macro viruses e-mail viruses trojan horses worms

hacking,Computer Viruses,Identity Theft,Cyberstalking,Phishing

Computer VirusesComputer viruses are harmful pieces of software which can reproduce themselves and automatically spread to other computers and networks. Questions about computer virus techniques and specific computer viruses belong here.

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different types of computer network are: LAN,MAN,WAN

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