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What are three cultures?

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Native, Spanish, and French.

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What are three major cultures of the North American Southwest?

The three predominant cultures are Anglo, Hispanic and Native American.

When can you get results for bacterial skin cultures?

Results for bacterial cultures are usually available in one to three days. Cultures for fungi and viruses may take longer-up to three weeks. Cultures are covered by insurance.

What three cultures made up myths?

All cultures make up myths.

What are three examples of how climate and resources affected native american cultures?

three examples of how climate and resources affected native american cultures

Which cultures named the constellation?

The constellations are named from three known ancient cultures. The names are based from the Greek, Roman, and the Middle Eastern cultures.

What are the three political cultures that Daniel Elazar talks about?

The three political cultures are Individualistic political culture, Moralistic political culture, and Traditionalistic political culture.

How many different cultures reside in Australia?


What are three of ancient native cultures of Mexico?


Describe three early cultures that developed in north America?

The Moundbuilders, the Anasazi and the Inuit were three early cultures in North America. This question and the answer, including a description of these cultures, are in Chapter 1, Lesson 2 of Scot Foresman - The United States.

What is the noun in this sentence Ancient cultures imagined the dragon as a big snake?

There are three nouns. Cultures, dragon, and snake are nouns.

What were three ancient cultures in the Americas?

Mayans, Incans, and the Aztecs

What are three cultures practiced by canadians?

Aboriginal, English and French

What were the three early trading cultures?

Ugarit, Byblos and Crete.

What are three characteristics shared by native Americans cultures?


What is the intersection of cultures on the Arabian peninsula?

The intersection of cultures on the Arabian Peninsula is known as the crossroads (of three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe).

What are the three cultures that Latin American music mixed together to form its own sound?

the three cultures that used latin american music is africa, spanish, and portuguese infleunce the syncopated beat

What are the three cultures that influenced Greek civilization?

Philosophy, architecture, and geometry. ( These are the three i know from the top of my head)

Crete was the crossroads that linked what three cultures?

Africa, Asia, Europe

What are three early cultures that developed in North America?

i dont know

What were the three cultures that mixed to form the culture of Spain's colonial empire?

Colonial cultures are a mix of indigenous peoples, African slaves, and European colonists.

New Mexico is a blend of what three cultures?

Spanish, Native American and American.

What three cultures influence Puerto Rico's music?

Spanish, African and Taino

What three cultures are blended together in Latin America?

music, art, and dance

What three cultures were represented in the Jamestown celebration?

English, African, and Native American

What three cultures were in the culture blend of the Hellenistic culture?

indian, pelopennniasi, and greek